BFA Skins And Druid forms - what were you thinking

So as yet the word on Druid forms in BFA is that our pretty forms we’ve spent anything from a few weeks to the last 2 years farming is that they’re bound to the weapon.

Word on the Beta is that we struggle to dual wield, and most of our beneficial weapons are staves, yet we’re expected to somehow transmog the Gurdian Fists or Feral daggers to get the forms we’ve worked so hard for.

What the actual f*** are Blizzard thinking? The obvious solution would of course be an extra transmog tab for Druid forms, But there are so many better ways to go about it.

If not the Mog tab, Then what about enchantments for whatever weapon we have equipped that changes our certain form to whatever one of the legion skins we want.

(Of course with this we won’t be able to have both pretty bears and cat forms on one spec like most of us want but it’s better than having NONE of them.)

If not that, then a simple barber option.

There are so many better, less restrictive ways to manage this; and yet as it stands it seems the general consensus on Druids is “Oh well guess you’re screwed then”

Of course all of this is purely what little sugar-coated balls of bulls*** we’ve been allowed to swallow and the little tid-bits Beta players have been able to offer; but Blizzard remains tight lipped.

I understand of course as anyone does that everything is still subject to change, But with less than 3 months to go before release- is it not a little late in the day for them to try and test something new?

Is this really what we’re getting?

Everyone, Regardless of class and Spec has worked their !@# of during Legion to get the artefact skins they want, And sure it’s only cosmetic- but some of these skins are our own little achievements, not just a cheese pun and a date lost in the deep dark depths of the ‘Y’ tab- The skins are visible proof of our abilities as tanks or healers, Ranged or Melee DPS.

Colourful, Pretty, Cool looking weapons that give us visible reward for our particular accomplishments in our roles, even if you’re a little Roleplayer on a low pop server you can look at those skins and know you achieved something pretty great!

Why then, Are we now facing a broken promise?
Why is it that after being promised access to the skins we work so hard for; Blizzard now seem hell bent on screwing us with an out dated mog system.

Many people want their Artifacts unlocked for all classes, I can see their point- corrupted ashbringer on my DK would be nice, but sure lore wise some of them just don’t make sense.

This I can get behind, to some extent I can at least understand why they class lock even if it is a bit of a shame, we may well have to accept it.

What about Spec-Locking though? Many people want to be allowed their Discipline Priest stave on their Holy or vice versa.
What then is the harm in that?

You earned your weapon skins and all colourings of them- you sunk time, effort and probably a fair bit of sweat and tears into some of those skins, the mage tower of course being one of the big ones pre-nerf. Balance of Power being another, after all that pesky rep gate behind it is getting a bit old 9-10 alts later.

Why not let people Mog the skins over their class? Regardless of spec if you earned it then it is your right to use it.

Those poor Druids though- not only are they trapped in a spec lock, they may potentially not be able to mog their artefact forms AT ALL.

Similarly to Druids, A friend of mine mentioned possible issues with one of the Paladin specs, of course none of this post is something I am going to 100% guarantee as fact all I can write here is what I have read, Researched, heard or been told from my other friends who have Beta access and have been testing things out.

Anywho according to my friend- a really good Paladin player indeed, One of the Paladin specs has a similar issue to druids, in that their most useful weapons in BFA can’t actually be mogged into their artefact skins.
I believe it was Holy but don’t quote me on it.

If that’s the case though, then how many more of you will log into BFA only to find your well earned skins to be worthless because of Tmog restrictions? Have you already logged into BETA to find your classes options for weapons so restrictive that you can’t make use of your skins? Honestly I’d love to know.

Regardless though of how many of us will struggle to use our skins in BFA, Even if it’s only one or two that can’t- it’s one or two too many. They’re ours, we earned them, we ought to be allowed to use them.

What exactly are Blizzard thinking? They remain tight lipped and refuse to alnowledge people’s obvious ‘worry’ about their artefact skins.
Has 2 years of grinding rep, collecting items from raids for the ‘DefinitelyNotExactlyTheSameAsALegendaryQuestline‘ Questline, Sinking time and effort into Mage towers and farming on multiple alts been for nothing? In the end are we just s*** out of luck when it comes to using what we’ve worked for?

The continued lack of acknowledgement and well- sheer ignorance from them just feels...Disrespectful?

Am I the only one that feels like the player base deserves a bit more than to be point blank ignored for months? And doesn’t the continued ignorance from Blizzard Just reinforce that even they don’t really know what they’re doing, or how they’re going to fix these issues?

Perhaps Blizzard needs a nice Ostrich form- I hear they bury their head in the sand a lot too.

In all seriousness, I guess this is just a post to lay out my concerns going into BFA, And maybe if enough people agree- or add onto it their own concerns then maybe; just maybe we might get some straight answers.

After all, We all spend a lot of money on this game, and as much respect as I’ve had for Blizzard over the years- the declining treatment of their players is becoming strikingly noticeable.

If anyone else has similar concerns or has anything to add or even some information that maybe I haven’t managed to find yet on ANYTHING about class Artefacts, feel free.

Even if Just one person gets a bit of knowledge or their mind at ease from this then why not? :)

As I said it’s mostly just to lay the concerns I’ve heard, and that I have myself out there; if you have a concern feel free to comment and discuss maybe someone has some information to help put YOUR mind at ease too! :)

Juuuuust...Don’t expect it to be a blue post.
We really have to transmog to Claws of Ursoc to use the Guardian appearances? That's pretty ridiculous, especially because as you say, we're more than likely going to be using Staves/Polearms anyway...

I hope it's something that's fixed sooner rather than later, even if my favourite bear form is the default Highmountain one.
I totally agree, but I also trust Blizzard to not let this slide. If that happens, that's one of their worst overlooks that I can think of ever been done through the 12 years I've played.

This affects a lot of specs, and the artifact weapon really was a big deal during Legion, and their apperances have like you said been something we've put more effort into than most other apperances in this game(most which are just about killing a boss/mob to make it drop).

Personally I am wearing a MH + OH combo as balance and resto on the beta atm, and on live I am unable to mog that into a staff... which both my balance and resto artifacts are. Can't mog my dagger and off hand into a staff currently on beta either, so yeah. I am just hoping really hard this will change, as I wish to continue wearing my artifact weapon(and staves in general) as caster and healer. I would also obviously like to keep my obtained bear and cat forms too, from the artifact weapons.
Lol unbelievable, what's so hard in putting it to the same place like our class mount? It's the same thing, so don't tell me it can't be done lol.
+1 from me totally agree
Won't elemental shamans have the same problem? unless blizzard designs fist weapons for casters.
All the casters will have the problem of staff vs 1 handed + off hand, but I guess that won't be as big as the druid's forms.
It’s nice be to see people chatting about it, and honestly it’s nice to feel like I’m not by myself in all this xD

Honestly was expecting to get a fair few flames about this, you know the usual “if you don’t like how they do the game don’t play”

Hopefully if enough people voice concerns over their Class/Spec appearances getting borked in BFA they will start to pay some notice.

I wonder if we could get this stickied, hmmmm.


26/05/2018 16:26Posted by Subbie
We really have to transmog to Claws of Ursoc to use the Guardian appearances? That's pretty ridiculous, especially because as you say, we're more than likely going to be using Staves/Polearms anyway...

I hope it's something that's fixed sooner rather than later, even if my favourite bear form is the default Highmountain one.

I also love the Highmountain bear but I recently dinged 110 on this character (my very first Druid in 7 years of playing) and I’ve put a lot of work into collecting the pretty Forms. I guess it’s a bit of a novelty to me because I’m so fresh to Druid.

Balance of power got done pretty quickly, and I completed the tank and feral mage towers too, now I’m working on 10 RBGS, which on an RP server isn’t easy to manage as I found out doing it on my DH, and I got Glory of the Legion hero for my pretty glowing red bear, so as much as the Highmountain base forms are nice, I have a lot of effort put into the shiny new one so obviously I wanna be able to use those in BFA. Not just in PVE, but RP too.

(Not sure how late I am replying to this now as I started replying and my kids came to low key harass me so sorry if this response ends up a little out of place now xD)
26/05/2018 16:56Posted by Maaisha
Won't elemental shamans have the same problem? unless blizzard designs fist weapons for casters.
All the casters will have the problem of staff vs 1 handed + off hand, but I guess that won't be as big as the druid's forms.

Everything is just as important. If it concerns you, as a Shaman- then it should concern Blizzard too.

I personally don’t play shammy, I haven’t ever made one, I intend to in BFA when they bring the pretty new trolls out but for now I’ve had no desire to play one with the current available races, if that makes sense.

That said, despite the fact I have no clue about shamans and therefore don’t really have a right to say what’s fair and what isn’t; like I said, if it concerns you then Blizzard owe it to you and no doubt many other shamans to sort it out.
Druid forms being weapon-locked and many weapons being spec-locked is going to be the biggest failure in BFA imo, if they let it happen of course.
I think when people start playing BFA and realise that the skins are weapon locked, there will be a big hue and cry about it, particularly from druids because we don't see our weapons a lot of the time anyway.

Hopefully blizz can come up with a better solution.
Simple solution to this. Either have it available for transmog or add it to the barbershop options for druids. Can't be that hard to implement
They should not be spec locked at all or weapon locked i can understand class locked but thats about it i totally agree with this being a silly move by blizz.
You’re all great, thanks a lot for the support and agreement; this is exactly what I think we need- a united front of people agreeing that Blizzard needs to change how they do things, not just in regards to the Druid forms but the way they are implementing ALL of the artefact skins for everyone else aswell.

I can’t help but worry somewhat about my precious DH tank, Hea been my main tank for the bulk of this expac; and I recently realised that the artifact weapon classified as a fist weapon.

Surely then we will have similar issues, as I’m noticing a whole bunch of circle jerking going around between the devs about their ability to design warglaives; if that’s going on o be the main available weapon for all DH’s then the tank specs are gonna be a little screwed I think.

I’m not 100% sure though because I vaguely recall the basic warglaive models mogging onto the tank weapons so it should work the opposite way around, I’m not 100% on that though so I’ll have a check tomorrow and report back. ^^
They should just let us buy glyphs from a vendor and apply to the bear/cat forms. For all specs aswell. I'd love to have my PvP bear or glowing Balance of Power bear even when I'm in resto spec.
I personally can’t help but agree, I think we should be allowed to use the bear and cat forms we’ve earned regardless of being one spec or another. Unfortunately they seem dead set on spec locking all artefacts so as it stands we’re looking at not being able to use them at all let alone cross spec. It needs addressing really :/
26/05/2018 18:06Posted by Lunétte
if they let it happen of course.
Knowing Blizzard, they will
Its the same for everyone its blizzard being obtuse ..........oh you earnt that mage tower staff for frost but now you want to use it for arcane tough you cant .... its like why its just a staff look .
We all worked hard throughout Legion to get our rewards i can understand the looks being CLASS only but for the life of me why make us suffer and not able to use our fav looks .
Specc locked and class locked is fine.
But locking the appearance to druid weapons, when a form is involved?
That's not really that clever no.
27/05/2018 14:12Posted by Dormus
Specc locked

Why just why ? all 3 priest specs can use staffs in BFA and the disc/holy looks are amazing and would not look out of place in shadow form .

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