970+ Priest 10/11M LF CE Guild for BFA

Looking for Players – PvE
I'm looking for a new guild to settle in permanently. In the past I've always been a bit hesitant to leave behind friends and the comforts of a familiar raiding environment but I'm looking to commit seriously in the upcoming expansion(s) and I'm aiming to achieve Cutting Edge each tier.

I have no preference to a hardcore or semi-hardcore environment so long as raiding is taken seriously and all members of the team have the same attitude and approach to raiding. I would expect all members to know the fights prior to the encounter and understand how to deal with the mechanics without having their hands held.

I am able to raid on any night of the week so long as the raid begins at or after 19:30 server time; the later the better. I would prefer any combination of Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, but it's not a requirement. I have very few outside commitments that could interfere with raiding on a regular basis and I can promise to maintain a high and reliable attendance.

The community within the guild, and the atmosphere, is very important to me; discord between the team, or just certain members, will inevitably cause issues during raids. I think it's important for people to stay modest and to understand that everyone has room for improvement. I'm a very social person and I enjoy talking and spending time with people; logging in to a quiet guild/discord with no banter is something I'd very much like to avoid.

I am looking to continue healing as a main role, preferably on my Priest, though I am currently planning on maintaining my druid as an alt. I am working on getting all healers up to 110 to give me more options once BFA hits in case I need/want to swap. I much prefer playing Holy over Disc, but I will consider swapping if that's what is required, so long as you can have patience while I accustom myself to the different playstyle. I have played a fair amount of shadow and I'm pretty confident with it as it is but the BFA changes are somewhat off-putting; though the same could be said for most changes I've seen so far. Regardless, I will always ensure that I have a viable offspec to play in and outside of raids.

If you'd like to ask me any questions, or would like to talk to me directly then feel free to add me on battle.net or discord:

Battlenet: Kayotic#2532
Discord: Janna#1899
(EU)(Stormscale)(H) <Versatile> We’re a raiding guild looking to start progressing into the later parts of Antorus Mythic. We’re going to start off with having 3 raid Days, Monday 20-22:00, Wednesdays and Sundays between 19.30 - 23.30 s. And clearing HC on fridays at 19.30 - 22.30 (Usually doesn't even come close to taking that long).
Our goal is to progress mythic with a semi-casual mindset, and to have a very strong start into BFA. Most players will be considered, but currently we’re in need off:
-A healer or two will always do wonders
-Any Exceptional players
To be accepted into our core you need to be:
-Reliable in terms of signups and raid attendance.
-Adapting well to different situations
-Making the best of yourself and your char. (Always being Ahead Of The Curve)
Guild is now 7/11 with officer XP at 10/11.
For any inquiries, Add:
Onlinegamer#2576 - Robe - GM,
Devada#2446 – Detvada Officer.
For more info or if you have any questions!
Still looking!
Hey man, savagés are looking for a healer, we are located on draenor but we are horde which is the downside for you, but hopefully you'll find this interesting,

We raid 2 days a week weds/mon from 19:45-23:00 server, and are currently 10/11 mythic, we are aiming to strengethen our healing team for the rest of this expac and into BFA

If interested at all please feel free to give me an add Discustin#2970
Still looking for offers.
Hey there, I added your battle tag. Would like to have a chat!

We are augmented on Silvermoon (A). Looking for ranged dps to fill main raider spots. We are 9/11 M

Raiding Wed, Thurs, Mon 20.00-23.00

Speak soon hopefully
Updated post to more accurately describe what I'm looking for.
I'm still talking to a few guilds and open to more options.

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