Would you date the person above you? #43

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We will share a private moment.

It is only a matter of time.
This is my kind of Orc
"And you are not my kind of anything whatsoever. Unless you want to carry my weapons and belongings around. That I would adore."
"Sure? Well she looks rather cute, if you look past the demonic horns.
And the demonic tattoos.
And the demonic eyes.
And the large sharp cutting utensils.
Hmm, and her kind does have a tendency to drone on and on about suffering, and sacrifice...
You know what, on second thought, I'll pass!"

She beats a hasty retreat.
Date? Ye kiddin'? Lass ye cleaned me beard, we're practically married!
Merely pats Yvoak on the head. ''I know some Kaldorei or others with tails you might be interested in, but I do not have such an appendage. Farewell, Dwarf.''
"You couldn't simply say no, could you? You had to display an unrivalled amount of arrogance and a complete lack of etiquette by subjected a Paladin, someone inherently linked to the Light which you so despise, to receive your condescending touch without their consent ..."

Cathríon strolls off in a casual manner. "... and yet still you wonder why everyone holds you and your kind in utter contempt. Naturally, I decline."
A brief, mocking curtsy. ‘’I merely only learned from the best; Sin’dorei who claim to be better than they are. And then Teldrassil happened. The Light cared not for how ever many innocents burned, nor Sin’dorei hypocrisy. That said, I had no quarrel with that dwarf and suggested options for him, quite reasonably.’’

Elyssa turns away and then pauses to face Cathrion. She coldly smiles. ‘’See you in the war to come. I hope the Alliance finishes the job of Silvermoon that Arthas nearly completed. Before your kind destroy the world again.’’

Belaria lets her gaze fall on Elyssa, about to speak before simply sighing, walking past her to Cathrion, nodding to her.
"If only our stories had been spun differently.. I heard great tales about your exploits, and would had loved to find out if they are true or not.."
She gives a shrug and wanders off, giving Cath a wave as she does.
"Another time perhaps, when such action won't be as if dancing on a blade's edge."
"Nope. Not dating fellow elf-women. Or other women at all. On the other hand, my arrows are always eager to "date" horde filth from both genders..."

She pulls out a cruel looking, blackened edge arrow, with some ominous glow at its tip.
"That lovely date, for example is kept for the throat of our beloved regent lord. Sadly, I couldn't get close enough to that traitorous, banshee loving mongrel. The field was far too crowded and massy".
"Geesh...A simple no would have been enough, lady. Yah' didn't have tah' add tha' whole arrows and throats part." Only after she has spoken does Nex realize the situation. She points a figer to Amnastaria. "Don't yah' even dare!"
"Yeesh! Pass!! Ya gonna kill us all wit ya never-endin' jabber!"

"Hey! Move along toots, we's only gots room fa one bombshell around here...An' that's me!"
''How about we just eat some dumplings and fried squidcakes?''
I would like to have some tea with my dumplings, please.
Oh, and are we still talking about dating?
If so, I think we could use some more men around here.
Dat be o' Pandaran. Dumplings be lookin' totalleh differen'.

An' nah as tasteh. An' nah date, ja be wantin' o' mon, I'n I be wantin' o' mon. So dis nah gone work.
"Hmm no can do, I'm sorry to say. Nothing against the 'voodoo' or her being taller or anything.
It's just; I'd need a translator, because I've got no clue what she's on about."
Yo, hold up a second, what's goin' on here?! Youse tryna score some doodle by stealin' my hairstyle, lady?! That navy even natural?! Bet y'ain't even hidin' any cool scars under yer fringe like I am!

Alright, yer comin' with me, toots. This ain't no date, but we's gonna get yer booty to a hairdressers an' find a new style for ya, cuz this plagiarism just ain't gonna fly with yours truly, y'understand? Move it!
"Date?! Why I-" He stops, then grins. "I mean... of course. Here, I'll get us to a nice, romantic vista..." He opens a portal... to the elemental plane of Fire.
"Oh yeah... date the homicidal fire wielding maniac! I can't see that going wrong! So do I get the gasoline to pour on my person now or do I have to supply that myself?"
Does a most gentlemanly bow as he speaks in his most posh-british-demonic fluent accent."My good sir, I do believe that we've nothing truly in common and as such I must say no, however if you are looking for work?
I'd know a few people that could use some oil and fire in their lives or well to end their lives.

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