Holy/Ret Pala, 3/11M - LF Casual HC Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello. I am a Holy/Retribution Paladin from the realm Draenor. I have cleared 3/11M, I stopped wanting to progress Mythic and I am just looking for something more casual.

Availability (Server time):
Monday - 20:00-0:00
Tuesday - 20:00-0:00
Wednesday - 20:00-0:00
Thursday - 20:00-0:00
Sundays - Occasionally

Warcraft logs:

Note: I have changed my name within the past 2 months.

Thanks for reading.
Hey :) - we got a spot for you in our guild :) Will leave a link to recruitment post here :)

Havent decided on raid days yet, Mainly planning to start raiding in BFA :) but recruiting all roles at the moment

Hey Fünkyy,
Unfortunately you're not based on my realm. But good luck with your guild! :)

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