[A] Silvermoon lf guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey one and all!

Looking to getting back into heroic raiding and would also like to do M+ content, days don't matter all that much.

I played all different classes over my raiding experiences since Wrath, from most healing classes except druid, to tanking and have played various dps classes.

This expansion has been super casual for me due to RL stuff but I'm maining a fire mage until I decided to switch back to a rogue.

the experiences I have had ranges from normal and heroic, 10 and 25 man before flex and only just stepped into mythic raiding with 1 boss down in ATBT, with most, if not, all raids cleared on normal since my start of raiding.
Hey there,

Just an introduction of who we are.

We're a newly formed guild based on [A] Ravencrest a heavily populated realm with many competitive guilds.

We have a core of veteran players (raiding competitvely since WotLK) and some returning players and are slowly but surely growing in numbers to reach a full roster for the upcoming expansion.

As we are a new guild, our sights are set on the horizon. We will be raiding on a light schedule until BfA, when we aim to hit the ground running and steamroll through the first tier.
Our goal is simple, a flexible raid schedule with aspiration of clearing mythic content while it is still fresh and competitive

Raid days & times:
We raid 2 days a week Wed + Mon, 19.30-23.00.
We run our discord server which is active and increasingly busy.

You can read a more detailed post on:

for more information please reach us on:
Contact Lusheng, Mixolydian, Yvonne, Volterra
Or hop on to our discord: https://discord.gg/vQQMHQA
And you can reach us on Mixo#21568 CollieDoc#2634

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Is the time server time or real time?

If your still looking for a raiding guild, Jynx is currently recruiting for current and forth coming content.

We are offering, a casual raid team for social's and casual raiders on a Friday night currently at 20:30-22:30 ST

And a main team for players able to attend three nights a week on

Wed & Mon 20:30-22:30
Sun 20:00-23:00

All with in server time.

Currently looking for additional range for this content.

If your interested in knowing more information about us, then please feel free too take a look at our forum post here;


Or contact me on real id at emmi2014#2825
or on discord
it's server time

If your still looking for somewere to call home.

If you'd like my tag is Toad#2400 maybe hit me up on bnet and we can have a chat...we looking for a rogue going into bfa.

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