[A] 11/11M Leader Newly formed Guild Needs YOU

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
<Resurgimus> is a newly formed guild on Thunderhorn created by a group of friends with high end mythic experience (some with 11/11 mythic Antorus) and other friends from other realms coming together in one place to form a guild to fight for Realm Firsts and bring the fight to Battle For Azzeroth.

We are a friendly relaxed guild who since Vanilla always focus on having a laugh but at the same time taking bosses seriously to fight for end game content at a high level.

We are currently on the look out to build and expand, wether you want to be a social or begin raiding with us when the expansion hits.

For the mean time since we have only been formed for 1 day, we will focus mainly on some mythic+, some older raid achievements such as Glory achievments incase people have missed them, alot of mount farming for rare mounts and just generally build the raid team up in time for the new expansion.

I am pretty confident when we have enough for the raid team we can also get a minimum of 7 or 8 Mythic bosses in Antorus before expansion, dependant on players we can get and how fast.

When Battle for Azeroth hits, the plan is to focus on a continued 2 day raiding schedule where we plan to clear Normal and Heroic within the first 2/3 weeks then progress hard on Mythic, we will occasionaly stop raiding for 1 day to go through for the Glory achievments and any other raid achievments we can get our hands on.

Please comment if interested or hit me up on my BTag: PaulBatley#2833

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