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Hey guys,
I´m looking for a new home for BFA. After a longer period of time where I couldn´t play the game all that much, I now want to get back into it.

Who I am
I´m 25, been playing this game for almost 10 years and I have been a raider ever since I started. I have cleared a lot of the content "cutting Edge", but not everything. My main right now is a feral druid, because I liked druid from day one and have played it for a Long time. Most of the time I was resto, but with my limited time it was easier to find a group willing to accept a dps that cant show up every time, rather than a healer. Now dont get me wrong, I usually do have an attendance of 95%+, it was just these past months when I couldnt play as much as I wanted (moved to a new City, got a new Job etc).

What I am looking for

Even though my current progression is not 11/11, my raid history shows that I can clear content in a timely manner. Thats why I am looking for a cutting Edge Guild. I do think/know I´ve got what it takes to "survive" my trial period. Give me a shot and you wont regret it. Not to sound arrogant, I know I´m not the best, but I do know how to play this game.

My main for BfA

Right now I havent decided on a main for the next Expansion. If you´re looking for a tank, it would probably be Paladin or DK. If you need a DPS, I´m with my feral. If a healer is what you want, I can offer Holy Paladin or Resto Druid. I have played everyone of the These speccs during mythic raid progression at some Point.

Can you be any more vague?

I know this is not your average "this is my class, I need a Guild" post. But I kinda dont care what class I am playing. I´d even reroll to a completely new character for BfA if thats what helps the Guild. All I´m looking for is a great Group with great People to slay some Dragons.

I hope I´m not sounding all that confused, because I really want to get back into raiding with a good Guild :O

Thanks for reading and maybe your Guild is looking for someone like me? Hit me up if thats the case.

Oh one more thing I should mention: I´m german. So if nothing else, you can always make fun of my accent.
Hi Dattatreya

The Obsidian Order is recruiting for BfA and it sounds like we might be a good fit for you. We've been raiding since Vanilla with no breaks and offer a stable home for raiders.

We can offer:
-a stable raid environment
-constant progress (Legion history:7/7M EN (Cutting Edge); 3/3M ToV (Cutting Edge); 7/10M Nighthold, 6/9M ToS, 8/11M Antorus (aiming for 11 before BfA!)
-three raid nights a week (Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday, 20:00-23:00)
-non raid night activities such as M+, achievements, alt raids etc.

We are looking for dedicated players who understand their class. We like to see good attendance, but we understand that real life happens and 100% attendance isn't realistic when combined with jobs, families etc.

You can find more info on our website http://theobsidianorder.wowlaunch.com, or feel free to add my btag Beka#2144 and we can chat about what class/role might be best.

Btw, we have players from all over Europe so you'll probably find someone else's accent to make fun of
Hey Dattatreya,

<Bad Influence> Horde side of Argent Dawn are recruiting dps for BFA. We didn't have enough members to down any mythic as we're a reformed guild hoping to get back to our former glory.

About Us
<Bad Influence> was created back in WOTLK and was the 1st Horde guild to defeat Lich King on 10man HC on Argent Dawn, we also cleared all content going into Cataclysm. Though sadly due to real life commitments, crucial members had to step away from the game and the guild stopped raiding. Some of the core members have recently returned and the guild is now recruiting for Antorus and BFA.


Raid Times:
Tuesday 20:00-23:00 (server time) Heroic
Thursday 20:00-23:00 (server time) Normal Clear (Alts welcome)
Sunday 20:00-23:00 (server time) Heroic

11/11 Normal
11/11 Heroic

Melee – ALL
Ranged – ALL
Healers – CLOSED

More information on recruitment found here: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/argent-dawn/Bad+Influence

Contact us:
If you are interested in joining our ranks or would like more information please contact us ingame.

You can also contact me directly:
-Bnet: Frik#2881
-Discord: Frik#7047

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
Hi there,

I hope we can have a chat over discord to discuss things in detail. but heres a little introduction.

We're a newly formed guild based on [A] Ravencrest a heavily populated realm with many competitive guilds.

We have a core of veteran players (raiding competitvely since WotLK) and some returning players and are slowly but surely growing in numbers to reach a full roster for the upcoming expansion.

As we are a new guild, our sights are set on the horizon.We will be raiding on a light schedule until BfA, when we aim to hit the ground running and steamroll through the first tier.
Our goal is simple, a flexible raid schedule with aspiration of clearing mythic content while it is still fresh and competitive

Raid days & times:
We raid 2 days a week Wed + Mon, 19.30-23.00.
We run our discord server which is active and increasingly busy.

You can read a more detailed post on:

for more information please reach us on:
Contact Lusheng, Mixolydian, Diadochian
Or hop on to our discord: https://discord.gg/vQQMHQA
And you can reach us on Mixo#21568 CollieDoc#2634
Hey Dattatreya,

Know how you feel, I recently moved and started a new job too and it was a nightmare juggling it with WoW. Anyway -

Ravencrest Alliance 8/11 mythic guild

We're a reasonably new guild, still building the core team - our progression will be much stronger as we get our feet more on the ground, and we're only recruiting strong players to help us get there. We're mainly interested in healers and ranged DPS, you seem pretty flexible with what you play so guess you'd have plenty of options if you came here!

We're a growing community, and also play multiple games outside WoW if you're interested - including CS/LoL/PUBG and for some reason Raft.

Looking to head into BFA strong.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Battletag - Palahore#2621 if you fancy a chat, otherwise good luck in BFA.
(EU)(Stormscale)(H) <Versatile> We’re a raiding guild looking to start progressing into the later parts of Antorus Mythic. We’re going to start off with having 3 raid Days, Monday 20-22:00, Wednesdays and Sundays between 19.30 - 23.30 s. And clearing HC on fridays at 19.30 - 22.30 (Usually doesn't even come close to taking that long).
Our goal is to progress mythic with a semi-casual mindset, and to have a very strong start into BFA. Most players will be considered, but currently we’re in need off:
-A healer or two will always do wonders
-Any Exceptional players
To be accepted into our core you need to be:
-Reliable in terms of signups and raid attendance.
-Adapting well to different situations
-Making the best of yourself and your char. (Always being Ahead Of The Curve)
Guild is now 8/11 with officer XP at 10/11.
For any inquiries, Add:
Onlinegamer#2576 - Robe - GM,
Devada#2446 – Detvada Officer.
For more info or if you have any questions!

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