New Guild For New Players

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
I'm a new player, started playing about a month ago. I'd like to make a guild for new players like myself. A guild in which we'd learn from each other. Everyone is welcome, if you wanna learn how to run Mythics/Raids, we can help each other. If you're an experienced player that doesn't mind helping new people and wants to welcome them into Azeroth, you're appreciated. I don't plan to make the guild very serious, just a regular social guild, we could run raids/mythics together, no strict roasters, just a friendly group of people chatting, sharing, playing.
If you're interested and wanna help me create the guild, hit me up in-game. I'm online pretty much all day or you can join the Discord server that I have created for this occasion and contact me there. Lets get that charter signed.

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