951 Holy paladin Lf raiding guild for BFA

Looking for Players – PvE
I am returning after a few months off, I have completed all heroic raid content up until Antorus but would like to push mythic before BFA launches.
I can raid any day as long as it's past 6pm Uk time. I am planning to be a holy paladin in BFA also.
I am not interested in switching servers or factions.
Thank you for reading and I hope top hear from you soon!
eloaaaaaa we could really need another Hpala, here our recruitment post :)
cu jay

Guild: GITS
Faction: Alliance
Server: Argent Dawn

Current Progress: 1/11 Mythic

Raid Days/Times: Wed + Sun 20:00-23:00 (realm time)

Guild Info: GITS is an AOTC guild, that wants to step up their game for BFA and dip more into mythic content as well. We will still be a social/casual guild, but we aim for higher targets as well in BFA. We are a mature guild 18+++ with the rule “RL FIRST” as we all have jobs and family. Things can happen, but ofc we still take raiding seriously! GITS is a vanilla guild, that has made some reforming/name-changes since then, but more info about that on our homepage: https://gits.enjin.com/

Recruitment: We’re not looking after a specific class as we’re not raiding on an high end. What’s most important is that you play what you enjoy and can perform on a mediocre level!

Make an application at: https://gits.enjin.com/
Contact: jaycore#8306 (discord) or Zure#6057(discord)

Argus Curvekill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESW2v91LaB0

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