Would your char kiss, marry or kill the one above?

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Kill'er. The dead should be buried, not parading about, killing whoever they please. As a Stonespeaker, Hrafnmar is especially well equipped to correct this.
Kiss, I guess … although I'm kinda tempted to say kill with how horrible it was the last time I had to kiss a Dwarf …" Ayms shudders slightly after adding a slight "eugh" to the end of her statement.
Kill, preferably like this:

"Ooo! Uh, Hm... 'Lost for words' is the term for right about now. Not for your dashing shal'dorei looks, but simply because I don't know what do with you! A simple peck is hardly worth the effort, and marrying would grind my plans to a halt. Well..."

The gnome retrieves a scroll and reads. One hand holds tyre scroll, the other has wiggling fingers as if readying a spell. " With this declaration, I have given you the promise that the potent energy of your soul will empower me, or entities associated, with eradicating the world of dangerous forces." The wiggling hand suddenly erupts with horrific flame. "With the knowledge, may you ease into rest. Resistance, albeit futile, can be-"

A member of staff runs over and quickly whispers in the gnome's ear. The flames extinguish suddenly, "wait, it's hypothetical!?"
I fear doing any of the three options to the Gnome would end up making me an enemy of Gnomeregan.
Kiss, and passionately at that. Demon Hunters have such interesting ideas behind closed curtains.
"Hmm... a peck on the cheek, and maybe a poke in the sides to see if she's ticklish!"
"I gladly would share a friendly kiss on the cheek with a sister in Light. For marriage I'm not allowed and kill I shall not."
"Kill. I can do that at a range, at least. I've not met a single human yet that did not spit at my feet, or even on me. Why should I show any kindness to them, then? There's no way I'm kissing or marrying one of those racist freaks."
"Not even another Warlock? Well, guess I'm damned trynna offer any kinda affection to you then, miss. I wouldn't kill to, Warlock's gotta keep together yanno"
''A warlock, huh? I would go further than kissing. I'd say hit me up in Goldshire, and let's have some fun together. You can bring a demon along if you want to spice things up. I personally don't mind.''
"Demons spice things up, eh? How about a late night stroll along stormwind harbor? I'd even burn a few alliance ships to show you how strong desire burns inside of me..."
"Elf? Kill it with frost."
"I'm so excited already! Going to have so much fun torturing you to your final death, I won't stop until there is nothing left of you to raise back."
Kill, this one clearly lost the fight against his demon.

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