Looking for level 60/70 guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello there,

Is there any active project 60/70 on EU (or any guild that raids level 60/70 content)?
Hi, if you would be interested in level 80 content Cup of Tea is for you.

We are a legacy raiding guild on Twisting Nether which is currently doing WotLK, more specifically ICC 25 man. We have for more than a year now been doing legacy raids with very good success, having cleared every raid in vanilla, TBC and all raids in WotLK up to ICC. Our plan will be to do every raid in each expansion, up to when we reach the most current one.

We have done 10/12 bosses in ICC 25 man with some in heroic, but we have hit a stop on Sindragosa as we are lacking numbers. We’re therefor looking for more dps and healers to finish it and start on Ruby Sanctum.

If interested whisper anyone online for a guild invite. Add my Battletag Samara#21618 if you have any questions.
Thanks, but would prefer a level 60 or 70 guild.

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