(H) Bear/Tree Druid LF Casual HC raiding

Looking for Players – PvE
Current Realm: Tarren Mill

Preferred roles in raid: Tank > Healer
Preferred roles in mythic+: Tank > Healer > Dps
Preferred raid times: Any day 19.00-22.00 (22.30 tops)

Legion experience: 7/7M EN, 3/3 HC HoV, Break during NH, 9/9 HC ToS, 1/11 M Antorus

Playing since: WotLK ICC

Preferred use of voice communication: Discord > Teamspeak

Alts: Pretty much anything except monk

Questions? Ask please, I'm very friendly *insert smile*
Yo Vorpie,

I'd love to have talk with you to see if you would fit in ICT. You look like a good fit and we're already on the same server, our raid times just go a little longer than you prefer. I'll leave a link to my guild post if you want some more info.
I hope you contact me on Bnet: Keycraftsman#2303
Hi, Hello, Just a quick message to uh, you know.

Have you ever just sat there, gazing off into the sunset on a crisp, clear winters evening and wondered if there really is a place in wow that can offer everything you need, a place where pandas can live in perfect harmony without people asking why? Why did you roll that race?, a place where goblins stand tall without a need for a booster step, a place where there can for some reason be two tauren races and no one cares, a place where, alright I'll stop..

Disclaimer! If you are not one of the above, this message may seem automated, fear not my hands wrote this message personally...i promise.

TLDR of Empathy

We are a casual raiding horde guild on Boudlerfist, Currently re-formed after a long break. Most of the leaders carried on raiding into mythic content with other guilds which puts us in good stead for the end of this xpac and going into next.

Our aim is to be a heroic only raid guild, clearing content at a competitive rate and moving onto glory raid chieves when we have it on farm. But honestly the main aim is to build a community worth bragging about. A home away from home as it were!

Raid Progress: 10/11 HC Antorus 11/11 Normal Antorus
Experience needed: We would like it if you had at least normal antorus experience but honestly we are willing to help anyone of all levels just as long as it does not impact the whole team!
Age: We're a mature guild, meaning we mainly recruit people age 18+.
Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday
Raid time: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST
Recruitment: Recruiting all classes and specs at the moment as we are building a core for bfa.
Application form: http://www.guilded.gg/#!AdgRG9BJzE
Do you want socials? More than anything!! Hit up the app and join us!
Important Contacts:
Craftyz#2107 - GM
Guild Website:

Feel free to add my btag for a chat anytime, Or feel free to just fill out our application form directly. I hope you consider us and I'll speak to you soon. Thanks!

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