967 Spriest LF Late night Raiding guild!

Looking for Players – PvE
I am looking for a late night raiding guild that raids from 23.15 and onwards!

I was raiding semi hardcore since nighthold and last expansion had some hardcore raiding experience at some moments.

Due to my job tho (im chef been afk for 7-8 months) and now that i settled my programm and my job schedule i decided to roll back but with another game schedule so a late night guild would fit me!

Dont have any mythic exp on this patch but even tho i would like to join a progressive mythic guild move forward this and next expansion.

Can find out logs from nighthold and back (this char was ally and named other way) to the guild that gonna contact me!


Fanction: Horde
Realm: Anywhere
Days: Any day 4 days is max tho

For more info leave a note here or add my btaG Shady#23592
bump fanction can be both not only horde!

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