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Emerald Dream / Terenas
Da Udder Guild is returning after a break,

A little about us.
We are an English speaking social guild made up of older players who have been together since Vanilla in one game or another, we had a good run on Horde joining fairly late in the legion expansion and had some success with raiding.

Because we have been together so long we all work well together and don't take the game too seriously, we don't enjoy wipefest's but we don't grumble about it we work it out and move on.

We are ultimately looking to recruit enough people to have a regular raid night(s) come BFA. Our regular night for raiding was Friday 2000 - 2300 BST, however due to low numbers this has not been happening recently, we are hoping with this recruitment drive we can start a little raiding pre-BFA and get everyone working as a team.

A little about you.

We are currently recruiting all classes and specs, just happy to have some more folk along.

You must have a good sense of humour, trust me when you have been together as long as some of us, that gets you through a lot.

To contact us either message me here or contact any one using the command \who da udder guild and we will get you an invite.

Discord: https://discord.gg/rNA46W3
BNET: Shteel#2181

Looking forward to making some new mates :)
Still looking for any class/roll doors are wide open :)
Hello! :D

Druid (Feral) LF Raiding Guild for BFA.
Wed, Thursday All Day, Rest of the week 23: 45 Server Time
Been playing since TBC and never took a break :D

Whisper me for more info :D

Hello mate,

I'm not about this evening but one of our officers will contact you this evening, if you're not around then I'm about this weekend so will drop you a message.
Just a little update. Recruitment has been going well, we are looking for healers (isn't everyone) for BFA as a priority now, so if you are a healer, or fancy trying out healing come join our little family for BFA. We have cake :)
Hi :D I can't heal (trust me, i've tried!) but I do love cake...... ;)

After leaving my last guild almost a year ago, I've been playing solo but I think it's time for a new home now and your guild information above sounds like what i'm looking for!

I have no real desire for HC raiding but i'm happy to join in with casual Normal Raiding, Dungeons and any other group activities, preferably with a mature guild!

If you have space for a Hunter plus a few alts, feel free to give me a shout. If all the real cake is gone......i'll accept Jaffa Cakes instead ;) KittyKat#2328
Just added you on BNET mate. I'm pretty sure we can rustle up more Cake
Had a quick run on Friday just to get us on the board and 11/11 N completed for Antorus. We have a good set of core members now however if the right person comes along we will make room.
Enjoying the new content with new friends, our doors are always open to the right people. Feel free to contact myself on the details above or do a "/who da udder guild" to speak to one of our very helpful members.
Recruiting for raiders is currently closed but we are still welcoming socials.

Currently 5/8 N Uldir.

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