[H] Tarren Mill Boomkin Looking For Myth Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi all.
I'm looking to clear some more mythic before the end of Legion and hopefully keep up the progress in BFA.
I've been playing wow since TBC and raided HC since end of WoTLK.
I haven't invested the time so far this exp to push my myth progression in raidsdue to IRL stuff like school, but now that i got the time i want to get the most out of it and prepare to keep it up in BFA. Im currently 4m exp in Antorus.
I'm lacking a tad gearwise with my 955ilvl, but I'm working hard to fix that issue. Due to the fact that i haven't raided much with guilds nor logged my own kills, I can't show any impressive logs. Therefor i hope I can prove myself through some trial or so if anyone is intereseted.

My B-tag is Crimerider#2837, Thanks

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