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Looking for Players – PvE
I'm a 25yo guy from Sweden with a positive and calm attitude. I've been taking a raid break pretty much all mid-late legion due to Arena fever combined with life..
I was active in Emerald Nightmare if you want to check logs (played my feral Feedmeffs). https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/magtheridon/feedmeffs#rankingzone=10
In BFA I want to switch it up a bit as I've raid healed and dpsed all since Lich king where I had my last tanking adventure. The plan is to main Brew with MW as OS unless WW is more desired by the guild. I want to raid on a semi-casual level as I no longer have the time or stamina for any competetive progression shenanigans. I want to be challenged and have a good time around people that give energy in a drama free enviroment.

My monk Feedmeplz-Ragnaros is currently sitting at an unimpressive 934 with unenchanted/unsocketed gear. I haven't spent alot of time on gearing in Legion - something that can hopefully change as we do raids/dungeons together to build synergy coming BFA. I'm no stranger to running sims, bringing food/elixirs/potions, using voice chat, Macros, Addons, reading up on strats, analysing/improving via logs and even though I'm looking for a social raiding experience I still wish for people to take it a bit serious. N+HC and some light Mythic progression would be ideal!

I'm available most evenings though when it comes to raidingschedules 2 days/week in the span of 18.30-24 server time would be ideal. I can of course be a bit flexible when it comes to raiddays/times. I always sign up for raids and let you know well in advance if something comes up. I'm willing to server transfer but not to faction change (unless you sugar coat the offer, wink wink).

I understand the concern of me being raid-inactive for a long period - let me assure you, I'm very ambitious and disciplined when set to task.

If you have any further questions please post in the thread and/or add me @ Schering#2583 - I'm looking forward to your response!

Yes, my character names are complete and utter garbage and I like it that way.
Yo Schering,

Your goals seem to align quite well with what we're trying to achieve in Icecrown Curling Team. I've added you on Bnet in the hopes that we can talk some more.
In the meantime I'm going to drop the link to my recruitment page here:

As mentioned we are new and still fairly small, but we are trying our darndest to get more people in. Hope we can get into contact soon.

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