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I've returned to the game recently and i've got a 110 mage that i've been working on over the last couple of days and i've been enjoying it a lot. I'm looking to join a raiding guild to start progression when BFA launches and of course meet new people.

I'm having a bit of trouble climbing the item level race at the moment because i'm still trying to catch up on everything I have missed in Legion as well as trying to find decent PuG groups (which is proving to be a bit of a hassle at my level).

I'm open to server transferring if the right guild for me is there, but I am only keen on playing as horde only.

A bit about me:
What you'll get from me is an ambitious player looking to improve / raid competently and hopefully become a core player of a raid team. I'm almost 27 years old, from the UK and I like to keep myself fairly quiet but I do like to chat and socialise in-game from time to time too.

If you have any questions or want to know more about me then feel free to add me in-game or simply reply back to this post :)

Thanks for reading.
Hey Roxin,

You should check us out! <The Obsidian Order>, a Horde guild on Aggramar.
We also like to constantly get better in order to face the tough challenges that the game provides! Not only do we offer you a place to improve, but you'll also get support from us, because raiding is a team effort, after all!

We are currently clearing Antorus, 8/11Mythic but we are also recruiting for BfA. And we would love to get a mage in the team :)

For more info about us, our recruitment post is here:

Hello Roxin,

We are currently looking for players who intend to go into BFA, we are still currently raiding Antorus and doing M+, please feel free to look through our recruitment post :) and you can also have a chat with me aswell in battle tag Luctish#1984

Yo Roxin,

I've added you on Bnet, I'd love to have a talk with you to see if you fit with Icecrown Curling Team.
In the meantime I'll leave my guildpost here:

I hope to talk to you soon.
Hey Roxin,

We're a raiding guild situated on the server 'Dragonmaw' - horde and currently looking for a mage to join our raiding team in BfA.

We got a rather chill raiding team. We do everything in our own pace and play to have a nice time. Our main aim is to clear heroic and when that is 100% on farm, we will go for mythic.

We raid on wednesday and sunday from 20.00 till 23.00. In Legion we've cleared everything on heroic and a bunch of mythic bosses.

Besides raiding, we got the usual m+ spamming going on and other 'usual' social things: alt runs, tmog runs, achi's,...
All these things are mostly happening during evenings and weekends as most of our members have daytime jobs.

You can find all other information about us in our recruitment thread:

Or you can check out our guildvid:

If this sounds like what you are looking for, feel free to add my Btag for a chat: xarial#2863
Or over discord: Xarial#9250

Kind regards,

Hi there Roxin,

We are a horde guild that is up for over 10 years who raid 2 nights a week in a relaxed yet experienced atmosphere.

Check out our recruitment post for more information:

Hey Roxin,

you're looking for a guild?
we are looking for members!

lets help eachother out, shall we?

we play on Ravencrest, as horde ofcourse!
raiding is +- 2 days a week, with a occasional 3rd day.
our raiding team isnt fully set up yet, so currently we raid with +- 10-13 people.
we cleared antorus HC 10/11 as a guild, and almost half the guild has "ahead of the curve" achievement.

i'm pretty sure we can help you gear up before BfA, and get you a spot in our raiding team.

i hope to hear from you soon!

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