[H] Kazzak Priest Looking for guild to raid/do m+

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey all,

I'm still a newbie to WoW - I started in early April. I wish to start doing heroic/mythical raids and higher m+ dungeons ( my current max is +7 ).

A bit about me: I'm 26, live in Germany and work in the pc gaming industry. I'm available everyday 19-24 CEST.

For more info add me on bnet, pm in game or just bump this thread.

Hi Amek,

Excess is looking for players to join the roster and it sounds like you fit in perfectly! We're currently raiding every Sunday from 19:00 - 22:00 and eventually we'll have 2-3 days a week clearing normal and HC Antorus. This will of course stretch into BfA once it launches.

One of our core foundations is respecting the IRL stuff of our members such as work, school or family related activities.
Furthermore the social and heartwarming aspect of the game is important to us so if you're looking for mature guild and a place to call home then this is the spot!

Hopefully we can catch you on bnet for a chat (Bootscut#2630 or Azimba#2354) or on our discord channel at https://discord.gg/dDkmFKS

Have a nice day!

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