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Hi guys so I'm currently 2/11 Mythic for Antorus at the time of writing this, the only problem is Ive been this for over 6 months now. The problem with my guild is it never has 20 players online to do mythic and when it does out of 20 about 5 people actually care to get flasks and learn abit about tacts. So we ended up doing a joint guild run however I disliked this as we didnt really have any synergy and there was always an awkard vibe about it.

Anyway What Im looking for is a guild that clears HC on the 1st week of opening and has a team and a plan of action ready for mythic BFA when its released. Would pref alliance but would consider a faction change, server change I dont mind what server it is. Im looking for a guild that raids ideally 3 times a week at 9pm or after server time

Note: The sooner the better as I do PVP and if its too close to end of season I may have to wait until titles have been handed out as you need 50 wins after faction/server change inorder to receive the titles. For those that don't know titles normally given out 2 weeks after the season has ended

What I can provide:
Always active and will help with farming materials for guild food/flasks etc, help people with M+ when needed and also help alts to gear aswell when needed

A positive mind set, I dont mind wiping for 3 hours if we learn something from it and take the boss down on the next day. Im happy to give feedback and Im always open to critism

A nice social present will always be in the mood for a chat wheather it be guild chat or discord/TS

If your guilds recruting and would like a chat add me walrusman#2527

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