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Hey all, I'm looking for a guild on the Draenor server to help me progress in the game. I am new to wow but have managed to get my character to level 73 as a blood elf mage. I am interested in pve. I am 29 years old and live in the UK

My battletag is Neophyte#21953

This is a noob question regarding servers. Why do guilds choose to play on servers with low/medium population and not the high ones?.

I can warmly recommend the guild I am a member of: Belan Shi.

We are a warm, friendly guild with a casual environment. We run mythic + and raids (normal and Heroic), though lately attendance has dropped because of summer and some people taking a break between expansions. I'm sure that will pick up again once BFA launches :D

We're welcoming to new players. We don't yell at you if you don't understand something yet, or if you make a mistake. And we're patient enough to explain things if need be!

I also have to say we have a very active discord as well :) It's a really nice place to hang around.

If you want more information about the guild, or you would like to apply, you can always visit this topic: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618174339

I'll try to catch you online later today :) My battletag is Aprella#2721

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