Feedback: Normal Uldir

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Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

For this test, all bosses except for G'huun are available for testing.
Premade group: 16 players from a 11/11 mythic guild (world #6)

Bugs we encountered
  • Some players were unable to see Taloc from specific camera angles
  • Taloc's Volatile Droplet: These wouldn't reliably explode on contact with players. Sometimes they'd run through the player, sometimes explode with a short delay and sometimes work as intended
  • Taloc: When reaching the bottom of the elevator, players were sometimes teleported on top of the boss along with all the red stuff on the ground as well as all the mobs. This would instantly kill these players. Jumping off the elevator well ahead of time seemed to cause this to happen less often.
  • MOTHER's Uldir Defensive Beam sometimes damage players even when they stand in the safe spot
  • Zul's Dark Revelation: Paladin's Divine Steed causes the animation on the player to disappear
  • Zul's Dark Revelation: Players with this debuff were sometimes unable to use Demonic Gateway. Don't know if this is intended or not as it was 50/50 whether gateway worked or not.
  • Mythrax would sometimes cast Essence Shear in the direction of non-tank players. This always occured right after a Obliteration Blast

  • Feedback
  • Trash packs are insanely overtuned. We spent 95% of our raid night just killing the trash between bosses. Some of the trash packs, especially the ones at Fetid and Zul were stronger than the actual raid bosses. Here is a GIF from pulling a single trash pack on Zul. Getting hit by 1 of the red void zones would kill anyone, including tanks. It was an exhausting and unpleasant experience testing Normal Uldir because of the trash.
  • The Obliteration Beam on Mythrax has a really poor visual effect. It's impossible to see which direction he faces without targeting the boss and looking at the outline arrow
  • Fetid Devourer was really dull. There were no mechanics and nothing to heal
  • I just want to put extra emphasis on how overtuned the trash is. It would take up to 40 minutes to clear the trash between two bosses!
    I have to agree with the overtuning of some of the trash. Some do require certain strategies to get down without wiping the raid. The raid I was in ran with several people using overtuned DPS and healing trinkets that a helped a bit. I can only imagine the issues without these. The statement that some of trash is harder than certain bosses certainly rings true.

    The amount of trash at Zul was very tiresome, I would prefer to see a reduction of trash on the way to the other bosses or changes to the trash at Zul. The way it currently is seems like an unnecessary time sink. I agree that some of the attacks seemed way overtuned as well. Even with dispels (4 priests) and interrupts at Zul trash the chain fear can be a real issue. I would often be feared 3 times in a row. There's also the issue of pet's being feared and teleported for some reason which ends up pulling more packs. Even when pulling them to a safe spot in the first few pulls we ended up with more packs getting pulled by pets. The hunters ended up dismissing pets for these packs.

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