[A] Silvermoon - Blood DK LF BFA Mythic Raiding Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Goals :
I am a 30 year old returning wow player, with lots of experience as a tank, and i am looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is willing to progress with the same mindset as I do. I aim to be in a top 600/800 guild. I would love to do that as a main tank/off tank. I will definitely push m+ alongside the raiding environment where i aim to achieve top 100. I do not expect the guildmates to do the same when it comes to m+. Having a few people also willing to farm mythic+ for gear would however be very nice.

Experience :
I have played several MMorpgs as a tank where i have played at a top level as well as some more semi-hardcore guilds :

RIFT - Guild : Heresy/Special Olympics - Europe Rogue Dps - shiego
Top 1 Europe guild during Greenscale/Hammerknel raiding period.

FFXIV - Guild : Angered - Europe Ragnoros Warrior Tank - Shiego Ten
Top 1 Europe guild during Alexander Raiding period. Top 10 ranked tank World

Wow - Guilds : Too many to list on Europe Silvermoon/Shattered Hand
Top 1000/2000 Europe guilds
Silvermoon - Ketoa - Hellfire Citadel full Mythic clear (top 99+ percentile logs)
Silvermoon - Ketoa - First week Emerald Nightmare hc clear(top 99+ percentile logs)
Silvermoon - Ketoa - First week Antorus hc clear (top 95+ percentile logs)
Silvermoon - Ketoa - First week Tomb of Sargeras hc clear (top 95+ percentile logs)
Silvermoon - Ketoa - m+ 2600 score (tank) (Solo queue!)
Shattered Hand - zaón - Warrior Tank (Blackwing descent - BoT - Tot4W - ICC - early BC)
Bronzebeard - Piekstje- warrior Tank (lvl 90 - Cleared Mythic Siege of orgrimmar)
Bronzebeard - Kakuzo - Warlock (lvl 70 - Clear Karazhan)
Bronzebeard - Ketoa- Paladin Tank (lvl 70 - Mid/End BC)

Traits :
Min/maxing and knowing my class inside out are some of my priorities as well as learning new fights as fast as i can with a focus on consistency, tanking cd's, raid awareness and dps (see dps meters and rotation! for the small time i was able to invest into raiding (Antorus/Tombs/m+).
I am very vocal during raids when called for (I will call for externals and propose cooldown rotations if it can help)

Preferences :
I can raid up to three days a week (no preference which days)
I can also main a Prot pala with healing as offspec (or vica versa)
I do not wish to move away from silvermoon
I prefer guilds that have at least a decent core of members and have proven they can raid on end game level (does not need to be Legion) with a mindset to progress and have fun.

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