[A] <Curse These Metal Hands>

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
<Curse These Metal Hands> is an Alliance guild on Thunderhorn. We’re a fairly small guild consisting of RL friends, colleagues and mortal enemies, and mates we've met on WoW over the years. We’re a sarcastic bunch, always keen to have a laugh and not take things too seriously although we can put our heads down and work hard to progress when needed.

About us
Our core group has raided together since Vanilla under different guild names on Dragonblight, such as XSS, Mythos, Incarna Mortis. We're all pretty laid back and enjoy progression runs/ wipe nights and Friday night drunk runs, The majority of the guild are working adults with successful careers/family outside WoW, so we aim to keep the guild about fun, rather than feeling like a second job or a chore.

We have a flexible raiding team and can potentially give all classes and roles a place based on their merit. and we're always happy to take on social members no matter your level or experience.
Updating as we gain more members.
Updating as we are nearing our goal, there are still a few DPS spots left.

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