3 high end raiders Hpala/Hunter/Rogue LFG

Looking for Players – PvE

Myself and 2 friends are looking for a guild to join together for some end of expansion raiding and for progression in BFA.

Our current progress is 8/11mythic, however this was as of 4 months ago when our guild disbanded.

We're all high end raiders, some of us leading and running guilds into the top 300 world ranks this expansion. Our goals of getting cutting edge each tier has for the most part been attained.

Although our current progress dropped off earlier this tier, we're skilled/dedicated players looking to play somewhere within world ranks 500-900ish.

We would only like to raid 2-3 days, with raids not starting before 7.30pm server time.

We're very social/fun and easy going, with a wealth of raiding experience spanning all expansions.

Obviously it's hard to give a dedicated overview of us 3 as players on a post, and so we're more than happy for a chat with any potential guilds over discord etc.

feel free to reply or add me on bnet: Zanez#2224
Hey there,

<The Obsidian Order> are looking for dedicated raiders such as you! We are a Mythic Guild on Aggramar, aiming to get Cutting Edge whenever we can (we managed it during Emerald Nightmare and ToV); some good players left us afterwards and we had a hard time replacing them.

Despite all that, we are currently sitting at 8/11M Antorus with some 4% wipes on Coven. Definitely aiming to kill Argus before the expansion ends.

If you are interested, check our recruitment post:

My battlenet is Ayuumu#2702 should you wish to contact us!
<Crit Pro Quo> is a newly transferred US to EU guild on Kazzak server. The core of our guild has been together for a very long time as we have recently celebrated our 8th birthday! We were progressing through ABT 5/11M before transferring the guild to EU servers due to time zone and are looking to continue that progression while also preparing for progression in BfA. We are a very active/social guild who runs current content to it’s fullest. If you are not into raiding or you wish to PvP…. don’t fret! We do that as well! Socials are more than welcome! If any of this tickles yours fancy please give us a shout and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have (letgomyeggo#1838, kristafa#1397, owlmanbear#2270)

Potential raiders can apply on our discord channel (a very short copy and paste application) https://discord.gg/UB5race

Raid Times: Weds and Thurs
EU=8pm to 11pm
PST=11am to 2pm
CST=1pm to 4pm
EST=2pm to 5pm

Currently Recruiting:
-Any DPS
-Resto Druid or Priest

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