Honor Kill Boosting - Is it bannable?

Hello there!

First and foremost, I would like to be completely transparent with the customer service agents who read this, as well as other people who read and can potentially answer my question!

I currently boost the Nemesis Questlines and Talons' vengeance reputation - both for ingame GOLD only, never real currency. To do these, I use six WoW accounts tied to my one battlenet account, all of which have WoW licenses, and five of them to Battle for Azeroth expansion activated on them.
To get alot of the characters used during boosting, I used Level 100/110 boost tokens acquired from buying Legion from places such as CDkeys, and buying BfA on the battlenet launcher.

So far, to my knowdledge at the very least, I haven't done anything that is against the Terms and Conditions - if I have at this stage with the above, please do call me out on it, because naturally, I don't want to get banned :P but I do want to make gold :D


My main question is, is it against the terms and conditions to boost buyers (paid with ingame gold!) for myself to boost people for Honor Kills themselves - specificy towards the Bloodthirsty title and such.

Again, this would be achieved with using 5 opposing faction max level characters - again acquired through Boost Tokens or levelling them myself, and ressing them with a sixth character.

Does any of this breach the terms and conditions?

Im aware Blizzard hold no responsibility for gold making or boosting services for ingame currency and what not. I basically just want to ask, am I doing something, or anything bannable with Honor kill boosting - or my other two services as well.

Any light on the issue would be appreciated <3

I'd assume it's similar to their stance on boosting in Arena and Raiding with gold. A greenpost stated before; It's your own discretion if you choose to pay someone gold for the service and Blizzard wont be held accountable if one person doesn't meet their side of the agreement.
You are boosting with Gold, which, as long as you don't ask real money, shouldn't be a bannable offense regardless of whatever you're boosting.
Thank you both for your posts :D
Thats precisely my thoughts on all 3 of those boosted services. Long as I know the risks etc, and I know Blizzard won't recover either party's gold/services etc should anything go wrong, then I and the buyer wouldn't be breaking terms and conditions.

Hopefully hear from a Blue poster soon as it'd be nice for 100% clarification :D
People have been selling those boosts since the timeless isle introduced the item to kill everyone. I would be very surprised if it was against the rules. More likely to be an unsupported transaction.

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