Healer looking for group - Mythic Argus

Looking for Players – PvE

I am a mistweaver currently looking for a guild to kill Argus with, without having to join as a permanent member. Reason being that my own guild has decided to take a break until Battle for Azeroth after having some roster issues rendering us unable to achieve this ourselves.

Some info about me:
• 20 years old
• Norwegian
• Can speak English fluently and have no issues using Discord/TS3 for communication
• Experienced healing officer
• Played mistweaver since early Legion
• Flexible schedule - guaranteed will never miss a raid

As for my experience in Antorus the Burning Throne, I am 10/11M with our best pull on Argus being 42% in p3. Feel free to check out my logs linked here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/ragnaros/ryssandris.
I am doing this simply because I want the achievement, and I couldn’t care less about loot or the mount, you are of course free to distribute that between yourselves. My only requirement is that your guild has some experience with handling p3 and can get through p1 consistently.

If you are interested or require any further information, contact me on battlenet: Ryssal#2653 or Discord: Ryssal#2303.

Thanks for reading!

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