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What buff will dks bring to raids? DKs are currently one of the few classes that don't bring something unique like a stat buff or a % damage increase.
Are there any new race/class combinations planned soon? Having a horde druid with actual boots and not barefoot or hooves will be pretty nice.
Are we going to see new baseline abilities after level 80? Current leveling is really void after 80 without new additions.
What is happening with scaling in old instances?

Some of us want to farm for transmog, since scaling was introduced it has become far more time consuming. Running old raids is no longer fun.
Why every time Alliance attacks the Horde is somehow justified or forgotten and when the Horde attacks the Alliance is because they are blood savages or want dominance over Azeroth.
Will we have new azerite traits in new raids? Can we obtain gears with those traits from m+?

Will we have changes in the m+ affixes?
Will we have new azerite traits in new raids? Can we obtain gears with those traits from m+?

Will we have changes in the m+ affixes?
What can you tell us about San'layn as an allied race?
12/06/2018 09:14Posted by Müchomurka
12/06/2018 08:21Posted by Nölight
In pvp is announced one set item per week and I can do BGs all day and still as pvp player I have no chance to get decent EQ in same amount of time as PVE players.

I thought that there will still be that "random item per pvp event" system ... but there will also be this mechanic, so people dont get so frustrated about geting 8 rings in a row. :D

I'm afraid about getting useless crap items again - one (maybe decent) set item per week + 8 useless trinkets from random bgs really don't make me excited :D

It was said that in BFA Azerite armor will fill the gaps that come from removing tire sets, legendaries and artifacts weapons. From what we have seen so far in beta, it looks like its not doing enough to do that. What are the developer thoughts on this?
BFA Companion app.

Has it been confirmed to be a part of BFA as well? The Legion companion app was great for planning my evenings ahead of time and keeping track of WQs / Broken Shore Buildings. Also obviously great to be able to remotely send off table missions!

Will be be able to contribute to Warfronts via a BFA Companion App? (If there is going to be a BFA companion App) :P

-sincerely Laguna
With the Increase in playable races / class combos - my roster is getting really big.
I love that you are increasing the per realm character cap by 2 per Allied Race added to the game. But will you also be able to extend the overall characters per account from 50 > 60 please?

-Sincerely Laguna
Any chance of having a seasonal ranking system for mythic plus similar to how the pvp ranking system works?

- Seasonal Score in-game without having to go to external sites
- Achievements for top 1%, specific score (e.g. 2200 in 2v2 arena), highest cleared
key for a season, etc.
- Cosmetics/Mounts/Pet rewards
Do you think WoW got a second opportunity in esports with mythic+?
Do you think a compendium, like war chests in starcraft or other games, would be a viable approach for WoW and therefore supporting mythic+ tournaments or maybe even arena tournaments?

A compendium in WoW could include something for:
Competitive players:
"Finish a Keystone lvl 20 within Season 1 - Reward: Transmog"
"Purchased the Season 1 Compendium of the World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon Championship - Reward: Mount / Pet / Title"
"Purchased the Season 1 Compendium of the World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon Championship - Reward: 20% more experience / honor / reputation during Season 1"

TL;DR : Crowdfunded tournaments for mythic+/arena via a compendium (war chest sc2)?
Are there going to be any more adjustments to the threat generation in BfA? If Skittish is active all the time, it's gonna be terrible to play a bursty melee dps or to play with a lower geared tank.
When sitting on a train one question came into my mind:

"In Legion both Protection Paladin and Protection Warrior got flails for their mage tower appearances. Will we see more flail type weapons in BfA or the future?"
Are we gonna get a developer note regarding mages for BFA?

I feel arcane could need rework as many of the talents still are dead as most of them were in legion. Their aoe also feels really wierd as if u spam arcane explosion 4 times to barrage u will run oom and other way is to 2xAB 2xAE and being in melee range just doesnt feel right as a ranged class.

For frost im wondering if you feel certain issues regarding the issues regarding brain freeze munching in BFA. Moments where u feel u need to hold ur BF proc for glacial spike and the other way around feels bad when u know you have to waste procs to do good dps.

For fire im wondering if you might believe the reduced secondary stats are gonna oppose an issue for them early expansion? are you gonna tune their secondary stats more for start and then later revert it when we get gear? or is BFA just in general low secondary stat budget?
Are there any plans to change the current specialization-locked Artifact Appearances ? For quite a lot of classess, they can't show off what they achieved in legion (e.g. challenge mode appearances especially). Holy Paladin as an example can't use his appearance at all since he seems to carry 1hand + shield again in BFA. But this counts for lot of others too. To conclude, wouldn't it be better to make it class-specific instead of specialization-specific ? Afterall, you achieved those with your character, nomatter which specc.
Could arcane mages get Arcane Orb as a baseline ability please? :-)

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