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My heart skipped a beat when I thought the Zandalari Empire guild was gone. I am very relieved it was just a namechange you guys are still around doing troll RP! And congratulations on playable Zandalari, if anyone deserved it its you guys playing them years before it was cool ^^

I wondered: How active are you, and how problematic is it if I would apply but can’t RP for some time? I started a new school last September and exam weeks require more than I am used to.

Anyways good luck and keep going strong :D
We're very much active! You can find 3-4 people at the logs pretty much every night!

It's long overdue, but I wanted to say how grateful I am to be in this guild and how much fun I've had in Shadow of the Empires so far.
This guild is a prove that casual rp based on character interaction is way more fun than epic storylines where we pursue some big baddy, and that a guild based around this concept can very much work and even thrive.

Way more guilds should focus on casual rp where you develop your characters rather than classic D&D storylines, in my opinion.

Also, the overall quality of the RP in Empires is incredible, so much detail is put into every interaction, the little use of magic gives it an aura of realism that is strangely very attractive, and you feel like you can learn new things with every interaction.

10/10, best guild I've ever been.
You wanna come? You stay here foreva!
Thank you for the interest! We’re very much active (just not on the forums) – there’s an average of around 3 events a week where there’s always a decent amount of trolls popping up, and on the non-event days there’s always at least a few around in the evening for casual -like Xen said- for the past years, sometimes just a handful of trolls, sometimes bigger groups with spontaneous mini-events whipped up on the spot - I cannot remember the last time there was an evening without any roleplay going on, which I’m super grateful for.

We try to deliver a mix between bigger storylines and campaigns where you will find your share of combat and epicness, and daily, tribal life where we explore the different troll cultures, Loa and history and traditions of the tribes, and individual character development and plots related to those, and hope to deliver a good experience for both the civilian types of characters and trolls aiming for high ranks or the Loa’s favour.

Activity is not much of a problem – above all, we aim to provide a stable home for non-horde troll roleplay, something you can always return to if you had to skip out on roleplay for a few months or have been working on other characters or games, though it’s always appreciated to let us know when you’re planning on a hiatus, so we know not to build plotlines around your character for that period of time!

And thank you for your kind words – we’re definitely super excited to give the Zandalari in our roster their proper model, some have indeed been waiting for years, and it’s still a little unreal for us its going to happen.
I also love this guild a LOT! Wonderful lil' stories, sometimes bigger ones, nice casual campfire RP and S T E A K S! <3
Baskets filled with mojobags are found throughout the city of Zul’Gurub, with reagents packed within white cloth and wrapped in beadwork of a serpent. Some of them detailed and with intricate patterns of scales, others simple and made by the young and unskilled, but every single one was crafted by those serving the Loa of Serpents and Treachery – Dambala! The inhabitants of the city and guests travelling by are gifted one each – for tomorrow is a celebration in his name, and the Lord of Snakes is not a Loa a troll would dare to disappoint.


For trolls dwelling in the jungles of Stranglethorn who cannot make it to Zuldazar for yet another (awesome) bar night – you’re all more than welcome in Zul’Gurub to join our evening in honor of a Loa often forgotten! We start, as always, at 8 servertime.
Thank you for the quick answers :D I will apply soon!

Out of curiosity, do you have set event days?
12/11/2018 22:11Posted by Yowu
Thank you for the quick answers :D I will apply soon!

Out of curiosity, do you have set event days?

Not really! We have around 3 events a week, but not on set days. Monday, Thursday and Sunday are probably our most popular days, but you’ll frequently find events the other days if it suits the plot/campaign or to adjust to the schedules of our members.

We’re looking forward seeing your application!
By now one of the oldest active trollguilds on the server. Keep it up!

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