What class you refuse to play?

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25/06/2018 13:06Posted by Tèsla
I agree with Sornak, it's just a personal POV: my main in Legion was a monk. And im not asian. It's not "culture" thing but a choice of playstyle. Not to use Weapons or spells in human form for the majority of the ppl is unthinkable. THIS is the problem with monks.

I never thought to play one of them b4 my 3 years hiatus: after i wanted to try something new. And it was really fun to play. Perhaps boring after some time (i come back to my mage after all) but it worth a try

Another problem is the variety of races being able to be monks. Actually, any other race but Pandaren should not be able to be monks.
Maybe humans.. (there's one in SM) and Forsaken (they are human dead) but the BE are senseless (my main was ofc BE)
Warrior , Rogue , DK .. Shaman it’s ruined for me. In my opinion it’s the weakest healer at this expansion .
Playing as Tank it’s really boring ..
Warriors just seem so incredibly boring to me. That class just never appealed to me.
Anything other than prot pally and elemental shaman is a spec i don't really enjoy playing, i do have multiple max. levels of all classes though.
25/06/2018 02:47Posted by Gráinne
I levelled everything. Just levelled in most cases, though. At some point I wanted to get all the mounts, but while all got as far as Class Hall, every time I come to another 50 Marks of the Sentinax, I lose the will to live.
Same here! Four classes to go now... only my two last leveled stuck on these 50 marks. Very happy they reduced it from 100!

What classes I refuse to play... anything that isn't a resto druid? Not as bad as that though. It's easier to tell what I like still. There are some specs I don't touch though. Frost DK, Fury warrior, Brewmaster monk to mention some. Even though they might be awesome - in someone elses hands!
Welp you got me there im just not into Asian culture in mmos it all comes from a person to person some like it but i dont.Dont get me wrong im not Racist or anything im just not a fan of Asian culture in an mmo.Cause its kind of Childish to me cause it reminds me of Kung fu pandas too much and its weird.Althou im a huge fan of Normal kung fu movies Like:Yip man 1,2 and 3 also i like Dragon Tiger gate etc...But pls not in a game its cringe.
25/06/2018 06:40Posted by Infinitygirl
Survival Hunters too. God the amount of SH think they are tanks are astonishing. Yes they may look like a tank class but they aren’t one. *facepalm*.

Let us become a official one then :)
Ive leveled everything but Im not overly fond of melee classes.
Also mages.....very squishy, which isnt much fun.
Void Elf Degenerate
There's not a single class I've never played, but I don't like casters in general. The 3 cloth classes are probably my least favorites.
I hate totems *Flails*
Elemental looks good, I want an elemental shaman, but... neeeeh...
Warlocks nearly made me kms last time i played them in mop because they were so incredibly boring, deleted it and haven't played since

Too bad since they are fotm now
Warrior. Has never appealed to me.
Mages. While I do like their diverse lore (how the human mages of Kirin Tor differ from blood elven mages etc) and I would honeslty want to roleplay a NE arcane mage in a Highborne style, I cannot force myself to roll one. Just no. I have never made it past level 15.
I struggle with a few.

I played a Worgen Hunter up to level 14, and I have a Void Elf Hunter that's level 20...
It just feels so underwhelming. Other classes embrace a certain fantasy, be it demonic powers or the Holy Light or druidism and the teachings of Cenarius. They use incredible arcane magic and channel the necrotic powers of undeath.
And Hunters....they shoot arrows and have woodland pets that bite their enemies.
It's so underwhelming. I love playing Demon Hunter in Diablo III, because it's oozing with fantasy. The Hunter in WoW however is so plain and simple that it's boring. Doesn't get me excited at all.

I have a level 90 boosted Shaman that I haven't touched. So a /played of 1 minute, I guess.
It's the tribal aspect that puts me off. It's just not my vibe. It's why I don't play Horde in general. It does nothing for me. And even though my Shaman is a Draenei it doesn't seem to be able to completely escape its Horde origins. And it just rubs me the wrong way.

I will play both Hunter and Shaman eventually though. It's my long-term goal to play all classes and get them to max level. But those 2 I just can't get around to playing.
The only classes I have never really played are warrior and warlock. No idea why, maybe I got bored before I got to the end of the alphabet :P

I just made a void elf lock and am planning a Dark Iron warrior when they're unlocked, though...
Death Knight.
I wouldn’t say I refuse to play any class; after all I am leveling all of them. But for me, the classes I least enjoy are warrior and shaman (which is funny since I have lvl 110 warrior and used to have lvl 20 shaman haha). There is just something in them that really don‘t appeal to me, warrior being solely dps/tanking class and shamans I just find dull

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