Are guilds dead? LF guild PLEASE. Any guild D:

Hey guys, used my BFA boost in this shaman a couple of weeks back and decided i wanted to main a PvP realm. I've got a 110 monk on this realm aready that I haven't played in ages but he's just chilling in a dead guild atm.

Anyways, as soon as i made this alt I was spamming trade chat in dala/ogr and using the guild finder. But i've literally had nothing. There seems to be no one even walking around the major cities from the realm.

In a nutshell, can someone invite me to their guild?

I was looking for a PvP guild but i was informed they're pretty much non-existent nowadays so im happy just for a social guild with active members :)

Thanks for giving this a read anyways,
Streetbeef the beefy x
You've created your Horde Shaman on a realm with 99% Alliance. You should have done some homework on the realm before you did so.
I've just looked it up and you're not far from right with those stats D: that might contribute to why the BG queues can be up to 10 minutes.
Might have to be a realm change unfortunately.
Thanks for the reply anyways
Guild: Vicinity of obscenity
Server:Frostmane [A]
Raid Days: Fri-Sun with some weekday
Times 8-11 Server
Loot System: Personal
Recruitment Needs: DPS,HEALERS, TANK
Contacts: Numlock#21955
Looking to step away from PUGS

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