Flexible player LF guild (DK-tank, DH-tank, MM hunter)

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello reader,

atm I am looking for a new home on Silvermoon only for the rest of this xpac and for BfA in the future.

I can play both tank and a dd - my tanks are Sefure (DH) and Anunith (DK) and my dd is a MM hunter Layfae, all are on Silvermoon. Tanks are mythic ready, but the hunter needs some gear, since I have been playing mainly the tanks for at least a year now actively.

I come from a hardcore raiding environment in the past, but during Legion I took it a little bit relaxed with raiding, due to IRL things, but still managed to get some of the mythic kills.

As far as my experience goes, I have been in all kinds of roles in guilds: a GM, an officer, a recruiter and a raid leader including tactician. I liked to fulfill every one of these roles that I had, but could not proceed any longer, due to my work. Hence I am looking for a guild which raids during the weekends, 2-3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), in which I can also find a nice relaxed spot and chill with other players.

Preferably, I would be happy if the guilds, that contact me, would have some mythic kills done already, like myself or more. If it is something new, I can learn the fights lightning fast and come prepared with all consumables.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate and contact me in game or via battle net Limir#2964 :)
Still looking :)
Hello, still looking :)

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