[A] 344 ilvl DK tank LF a new home, only on Silvermoon

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello reader!
I am searching for a new place (with the future prospect of mythic progress) which I can call home. I would prefer raiding max 2-3 evenings during the week. Im OK with only one night of those during the work week and the rest during the weekend (Thursday and Friday are also fine nights for me). Since I am working full time and it can happen that during the week (Monday-Wednesday) I will have to stay longer at work and wont make it to the raids during the week (but I always inform everyone beforehand about this change of events).

Who am I?
I am a chill person, who can make fun of things and likes to banter :)
When it comes to raiding, I am serious, and I can offer you some analytical skills for boss fights, and I am always prepared (have all the consumables, enchanted and gemmed). I also love to run mythics, m+ and likes to do achievements.

What is my raiding history?
During Legion I started off on my hunter and cleared EN Mythic and 2/3 M ToV. Than after NH launched, I managed to get a full HC clear before the guild I was in imploded due to conflicting interests and elitism of some players. After that I took a break of 3-4 months and came back when ToS launched.
Some friends and I decided to create a guild where we managed to get 3/9 Mythic in ToS and 4/11 Mythic in Antorus - during these raids I was tanking firstly on my DH and than on my DK, since we were lacking tanks. In this guild, that we build I used to be the GM, co-raid leader including tactician and recruiter. We saw that the realm we were on - Magtheridon EU - was not bringing us any more quality raiders, since we wanted to move further and get some more progress. So we decided to move with most of the raiders to a different realm - Silvermoon.

What happened after my friends and I moved to Silvermoon?
We built up a new guild on Silvermoon where I was an officer (I refused to be the GM, since my work load was slowly piling up, but I agreed to help out recruiting and making tactics). Since it was just me shouldering 80% of the officer duties combined with my work, I got burned out and I could not recruit and create raid tactics properly anymore (there was not enough time for me to do it, and I wanted to enjoy paying the game too) so majority of my duties went on the other officers by that time. At this point, some people (including the rest of the officers) went to raid with another guild and tried to merge, but it did not work out.
This was the moment where we all decided to part ways and here I am now searching for a guild (preferably as a raider, but I can definitely help out in other fields too due to my multiple experiences of being an officer and a GM) .

P.S. In the previous expansions I was playing mainly on my hunter - raiding quite hardcore, but I also played partially on my DK tank and did the CM during WoD.


Here is my wow progress from previous realm:

If you like what you read, poke me in game or via b-net: Limir#2964

Still looking :)
Hello, still looking :)
ola :)
Still looking :) raid ready tank at your service

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