Things that would make you quit WOW if removed from the game

So, today I was thinking what an amazingly useful feature auto-run is, and what a pain in the behind some travelling would be without it.

Although I probably wouldn't quit WOW if auto-run was removed or didn't exist, it led me to think which features are so essential to the general enjoyment of the game that removing them would make me consider to quit playing.

I couldn't really figure any individual features that would weigh that heavily, though if the AH or mounts were removed for example, it would make for a much duller experience.

Can you come up with any features that, if removed from the game, would make you consider quitting WOW?
Grouping/group content. At that point, the game is pointless to me.
Transmog, I'd have a hard time identifying with my characters if it was removed and would likely end up quitting.
2h Frost...

Too Soon?
My abilities, oh wait a second...............
Unleashed open world
Elven themes
Archery fantasy with hunter pets
My swapblaster.

I'm honestly not joking. I often take breaks from the game, but I'd never return if the last fun item in the game were removed or nerfed.
if the servers went down
22/06/2018 23:25Posted by Yayoboss
My abilities, oh wait a second...............

Was going to say the same :S
23/06/2018 00:26Posted by Shaolynne
22/06/2018 23:25Posted by Yayoboss
My abilities, oh wait a second...............

Was going to say the same :S

So funny and original.
Both of you.

I would probably quit if add-on support and faction identity was removed.

To say it simply, if blizz would not allow add-ons and would make the factions absolutely unimportant in every aspect.
23/06/2018 00:58Posted by Punyelf

I agree with you fully about this one.
23/06/2018 00:58Posted by Punyelf

Well at least you got plate, heals, bubble and mythic gear if you get dazed
Turn off PvP. if that is removed, I'm gone for good.
Sylvanas Windrunner. It's really about the disparity in which heroes are killed off depending on if they are Horde or Alliance. For instance all of the Alliance Warcraft II heroes are still alive, over half of the Warcraft III heroes. In terms of faction leaders the Alliance have lost Varian, who died epically, the Horde have lost Cairne (killed out of game), Garrosh (villainized) and Vol'jin (killed by chaff). Additionally they have lost Grom if you want to count him and Rexxar might as well have fallen into Narnia.
Oh yeah, one more thing, if they remove everything I've collected....., insta quit
I don't think there's any one thing. They've already taken away so much of what I loved about WoW, slice by slice.

When it came down to it, there were three things I loved about WoW: my characters, the zones, and progression.

The very first shock I got came a few weeks after max level, when there was a geat reset and I saw for the first time that the game had no integrity or fairness. Up to that point, I loved the game, and while this may seem very "so what?" to you, it really hit me hard.

Then there used to be realm communities that were removed in Mists with CRZ. Many will say they were already on the way out with LF*, but CRZ got the kill.

And then, my characters' abilities. Bleeding out across two expansions, maybe a third upcoming.

And then, zones that feel like WoW, replaced with artificial overpixellated rat-mazes.

And then a decent view distance. I know this doesn't affect everyone, but it does affect me. I literally can't play as long a session as I used to.

And now my characters are gone, their abilities, faces, animations taken away and badly replaced.

And through it all, they have continued to remove the meaning of building and preparing characters, from meaning in levelling to considering how to emchant and buff at max level, to facilitate MOBA-like instant readymade characters.

And I'm not gone yet.

So no, I really don't think there is any one thing that could have made me quit. But all the game-system changes they are making have been bad ones for me.

I think I will need a new PC to handle BfA well. If it was just buying the expansion and a sub, I wouldn't think twice about it. Right now, I'm sadly debating whether it's worth getting a new PC. With the losses over the last two expansions, the need to get a new PC as well wont't be the single thing that makes me quit, but may be the last straw.

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