Things that would make you quit WOW if removed from the game

23/06/2018 01:37Posted by Pivke
23/06/2018 01:13Posted by Cleftis
Turn off PvP. if that is removed, I'm gone for good.
according to the official site you got 51days 21hours 22minutes 10 seconds...
enjoy your play until BFA launch!

p.s. can i have your gold?
First of all. The pvp-flag changes comes with pre-patch, not BfA release.

Second you can still chose not to be pvp flagged. You swap between while in a big city. Then the flag will put you in a shard with others with the same flag. Alas people currently on pvp realms can go full pve if they like, and the other way around. Only thing that matters will be if you're on RP realm or not.
My Account :o
Dungeons. Dungeons are the only reason i play wow

I actually did quit during WoD when they said there will never be flying. They caved in because I think a lot of people voted with their wallets like I did.

They lost my sub for 2 years cos I got into ESO instead.
22/06/2018 23:10Posted by Sornak
Transmog, I'd have a hard time identifying with my characters if it was removed and would likely end up quitting.
id have to say this.

while i played in vanilla tbc and wrath i hated leveling up looking like a just feel out of the wardrobe.

It one of the many reason i have zero interest in classic servers.
Servers. Removing well would kill wow. They're pretty handy.
One big point is Flying.
I just love to sit on one of my flyers, cruise around and enjoy the scenery. It somehow totally relaxes me.
Another reasons would be erasing the Hunter-Pets (never found another game with the level of that feature WoW has it) and kicking the Troll Race out of the game.
23/06/2018 00:40Posted by Teastra
23/06/2018 00:26Posted by Shaolynne

Was going to say the same :S

So funny and original.
Both of you.

I would probably quit if add-on support and faction identity was removed.

To say it simply, if blizz would not allow add-ons and would make the factions absolutely unimportant in every aspect.

So salty, must of touched a nerve :D
23/06/2018 18:43Posted by Goebel
Servers. Removing well would kill wow. They're pretty handy.

Well technically, we could come up with some new and innovative ways of hosting a game like WOW without the need for dedicated physical servers in the future. ;)
1. Night Elves and Tyrande. Lol, who knows that might be happening soon. Or they get reduced to even worse state so no one plays them.
2. Worgen and Genn. Loving their architecture, culture, lore and Genn's development.
3. Mounts and pets. I like those cute pixels.
one handed weapons dual wield for both warriors and hunters....
oh wait they already removed that

Bye game
Trade chat
23/06/2018 14:04Posted by Rosjin
Dungeons. Dungeons are the only reason i play wow

I was livid when the Battle for Theramore "Not a pre-patch event" pre-patch event was supposed to be a demonstration of what was going to replace dungeons in MoP. So aye, I can get behind this. Unfortunately, I'm still not really satisfied with dungeon design - going back to the days of yore with Wailing Caverns or the Razorfen instances would be very much welcome imo.

My initial response to this thread was "guilds". Guilds are the reason I play - I had such a good impression from guilds when on Magtheridon as a new player that I decided that's how I wanted to spend my time. I think it's one of the best ways to communicate with players, organise groups and keep in touch with folks. Unless something better came to replace them, I'd add everyone on Bnet and give up on WoW.
For the last 13 years so much has been taken out and added - yet I'm still here.
The game itself isn't going to make me quit, though the community might at some point.
Line of Sight in pvp modes, but well...
I've been here 13 years. I've lost a lot and gained a lot. But I'd definetely leave if they ever made the game to F2P. It wouldn't be the same game.

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