"a streaming error has occurred" at login

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Hello, I get immediately (after 1 second) disconnected after login at this character. Message: "a streaming error has occurred"
I deleted the cache directories, using no addons, and ran through the repair process of the battlenet client.
I did not use that char for some years, so perhaps he wears some old item that triggers the bug. Perhaps it is the "white" guild tabard he wears. I would try to unequip the tabard, but not possible in half a second.

Additionally to say, at login there is (3 times) the red message: "Item is not ready yet."
And on bottom right there you can read: "Retrieving item information"

On other characters the bug "only" occurs, if I move through the appearances window
Hey Shirash,

Please contact support directly, so they can have a look into this for you. Make sure to let them know which character is affected by this, in your ticket.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
The same happens for me. All other characters can login fine though. And I see many people have this issue (on US forum at least) so I hope you'll fix it soon, I need my main character available, not just secondary ones. Thanks.

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