[2nd Dec] Telogrus Rift Hours

Argent Dawn
27/10/2018 12:08Posted by Moburon
Sorry if this is an inappropriate place to ask this, but you seem like a knowledgable bunch and probably personally have had to deal with this anyway.

When you meet another velf for the first time IC, do you pretend you already know each other? I'm asking because I'm curious about how you deal with the low number of velves in-universe (unless you all have agreed on that new velves can be created).

When it comes to voluntary conversion at inclusive events like Rift Hours, the subject is treated with the fuzziness it deserves. There will be some who take a more conservative view and some who don't. To put it blunt, there is no consensus.

As for characters knowing each other, I would say that is certainly a choice, not something that has to be strictly enforced. There are ways in which your character might not know all the Elves that were caught up with Umbric, each of their stories are different after all.
I would treat the issue of knowing people as similar to meeting people at a workplace. You will probably recognize your co-worker's faces but might not know their full names, let alone background and personal information.

For me it works as a good compromise between the strict lore background provided by blizzard and rp opportunities on AD.
It's been a little while!
Lots of us are eager and curious to know what the next date shall be? ^^
Also, a Velf discord was made, with a link in the Velf ingame community thread!
This really makes me want to roll a Velf! Or at least try out. Now first unlock them!
Looks pretty could. I'll defo give this + your community a try!
Hi all,

The next Telogrus Rift Hours will be set for the 2nd of December! Hopefully this is a date that works well for everyone.
I'll be very sure to attend ^^
Nice initiative!
Will be joining these on my new velf :D

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