<The Bilgewater Battalion> Uncle Bedlam wants YOU!

Argent Dawn
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Do you want to serve in the military?

Do you want to secure the financial security of Horde and by extension you?

Do you want to innovate and receive a semi-decent healthcare plan whilst doing it?

Then Uncle Bedlam wants YOU!

The Bilgewater Battalion have opened recruitment for a new hit squad unit which shall focus on, as well as keeping the peace, going on deployment to lands across Azeroth and beyond as a fist of the Bilgewater Cartel and testing new innovations in engineering and science on the battlefield. If you are a Goblin, an Orc or a Forsaken who agrees that this opportunity is too good to pass up, head on down to Bilgewater Harbour and enlist with Captain Betti Boomcrank TODAY!

Disclaimer: The Bilgewater Battalion holds no responsibility for any equipment or armaments which may be broken during your time with us, if you break Battalion issued items which are on your person they must be paid for in full.

Heya folks,

<The Bilgewater Battalion> is a guild which we hope shall add something to the Horde military and Goblin RP community due to being a rather relaxed military guild which focuses on providing enjoyable and lore accurate RP for anyone wanting to have their character join the Bilgewater Battalion IC. Our premise is that we're a hit squad style unit within the Battalion which not only aids in keeping the peace in Horde lands, but is also deployed deep in enemy territory, testing out new technological and scientific innovations on the enemies of the Bilgewater Cartel. Here's a bit of a Q&A which goes deeper into what we do:

What kind of RP do you do?

Events wise, as a military unit we of course do training but not in the common style of practising formations and running laps around a field. Instead we tend to try out more practical skills such as learning how to commandeer a flying machine and parachute from it into enemy territory, skills which will be relevant to fighting different enemies and gaining the upper hand in the lands we travel to. The themes of our events that aren't training can range anywhere from comedy to horror, one day we could be tracking down a criminal in a city, the next we could be on the front fighting the enemies of the Bilgewater Cartel.

Although we do both RP/PVP and RP/PVE, we also like to RP casually outside of events and are open to people walking up to us wherever we are.

Where are you based?

Our main base is at the barracks in Bilgewater Harbour, but a lot of the time we can be found around the Harbour (mainly at the inn or the restaurant) when we're not on deployment as well as Azshara and Orgrimmar.

Who do you accept?

We accept Goblins, Orcs and Forsaken into our ranks, it's quite obvious that Goblins can be found in the Bilgewater Battalion but there are also instances where Orcs and Forsaken are seen to have joined and progressed through the ranks. We unfortunately do not accept any other races or death knights as none of them have been seen to have joined the Battalion at any point in game.

How do the ranks work?

Our rank system is quite simple right now as we're a small, developing guild which works as follows.

- Recruit
- Soldier
- Lieutenant
- Captain

This system shall be expanded upon as we grow with more diverse ranks as well as a progression system, but the most interesting rank right now is the MIA rank!
MIA is the rank for anyone who has not come to RP with us for two weeks without saying why. They will be considered missing in action IC as that's realistically when we may start to wonder where someone has gone, and it gives us the opportunity to have a bit of an event line to find someone who's MIA once they return.

Where do I sign up?

If any of this has interested you feel free to whisper or send some in game mail to me, Bettiboom/Mondoe, or chat with any of our members about passing on a message!

Join the Bilgewater Battalion today, for money and beach front property!
This post is reserved by the Bilgewater Cartel for future development!
This post is reserved by the Bilgewater Cartel simply because Gallywix is greedy.
Uncle Bedlam needs you and you and you! And he will probably promise a 12% chance of survival. I'm sure that's decent for a goblin-dominated profession.

Excited to have gotten a front seat in seeing this story develop!
OH, its made.....LOVELY!!! Much luck to you guys!!!
Reasons to join:

- Uniform color is AMAZING
- First in line to try out new Horde tech.
- Solid pay

So if you want to kick blue buttocks until they turn red, try the latest weapons, get hammerd on free drinks AND getting paied for it!
The Bligewater Battalion is the place for you!

Joining the Bligewater Battalion may lead to the following:
death, live dismemberment, foul mutations, friendly fire, unfriendly fire, best-friend fire, deafness, undeathness, blindness, disfigurement, and rashes

The Battalion is not for everyone, contact your recruitment officer before sign up.
Woohoo! Looking forward to seeing this guild in action. Be sure to hit me up, we can brainstorm some ideas for groovy Goblin RP.
Training involving throwing dynamite at snails and spending time off duty down at the Brawl'gar eating, drinking and screaming for Gnomes to get beat up - this is the kind of life you too can enjoy when you join the Bilgewater Battalion. Now with only a 25.5% chance of friendly fire hurting you more than the enemy does!
26/06/2018 22:50Posted by Bettiboom
Now with only a 25.5% chance of friendly fire hurting you more than the enemy does!

Now that's a deal you can't pass up.

I'm loving the idea of a crack team of gobbos and friends blowing stuff up in the name of the Horde.
Neat, keep it real. Also props for using the Brawl'gar bar.
Tanzul would be happy to form a contract of some kind with this jolly bunch of goblins and their companions!
Training day two over! Who woulda thought jumping miles up in the air, down with a parachute (or in my case a faulty glider) could be so terrifying and potentially fatal?

Oh, lots of people woulda thought that? Huh.

The recruits are getting just what they need with this fun-filled training sessions. The big guns work is yet to begin!
Report on the progress of new technological developments - Classified Edit -

Name of Creation - 'The Scrap Buddy'
Creator - Professor Omer Gravenfield
Nature - Joint weaponry development


In case you are uncertain in any way that giving research grants to our unit isn't worth it, I'd like to give you a progress report on the weapons project which our resident Forsaken engineer has been working on with us named 'Scrap Buddy'. I will supply more details in person at a later day, but what I shall say in this message which should reach you in the morning is that we will no longer need to waste time on shipping scavenged scrap back to settlements on the battlefield; and instead Professor Gravenfield is working on a way to make use of it on the front for something practical and deadly instead of it just being used for repairs.

There will be no doubt when you get the full specs that this research grant is contributing to the efficiency of our unit.


Captain Betti Boomcrank
The strength of the unit grows rapidly even though we ended up carrying a deflated zeppelin out of Ashenvale with hippogryph riders chasing us for dropping propaganda on Astranaar. Models turned mages, fast food workers turned military chefs, the Bilgewater Battalion is truly helping to get the Bilgewater Cartel ready for war!

In the days leading up to the Drums of War campaign on the 5th, we can be found either in Bilgewater Harbour, Orgrimmar or the Brawl'gar Arena. Feel free to come up to us and RP or enquire about recruitment which is still OPEN! (Hopefully a priest or something will join or we'll run out of bandages and potions in no time)

P.S. Rafe, I have received the message that you want me to contact you about your inevitable capture with our totally competent team on the case but I haven't managed to catch you yet, I'm on most evenings at about 8.00!
Good to see this guild is getting some numbers! I hope for some interaction down the line once the numbers are up for my own! It's about time a goblin gnome rivalry was reignited don't you think?
Betti got into a cushy officers tent after struggling to unfold it, just to be kept awake by raindrops clanging off the metal exterior. She got out a pocket mirror and ran a hand around her eyes where her goggles had been. Aside from the usual worn in marks she saw a ring of dirt surrounding them, but as she looked deeper she saw dark rings around her own eyes, and when she looked up slightly, a grey hair.

She thought something would finally tip that scale, and she wasn't surprised after all that. She didn't know why she was so stressed, babbling into radios, organising pick ups, drop offs, barking orders, cooking dinner, bandaging wounds... It wasn't the combat, or the work, it was the worrying, the anxiety that if one of these Goblins died, if even the designated sapper died, it was on her. Her head, her mind, her conscience. Suddenly she understood why they said the Battalion would change her, because suddenly she actually cared for a group of people as much as she cared for her own family.

She'd found her place.

We've had a great first night participating in the 'Drums of War' campaign and the guild continues to grow at a steady rate with new ranks for different roles slowly opening. As a bonus, surprisingly, nobody's died yet!

Join the Bilgewater Battalion today, now with a lower chance of death!

We are filling out the ranks slowly but surely

We even, and believe this, have more than just hunters now!

though I miss being the only mage/spellcaster in the party I am non the less happy to see a warlock adding some green spice to my hot burning fire.
if only we could gather a colorful team of fire mages/warlocks.

Imagine, a rainbow of fire balls raining down from the sky.
It would be beautiful, it would be deadly, it would simply be amazing.
Liaf don't you dare take up the fel we'll get done for corruption. *dadumtss*
Private Griblix Blastbolt Jr reporting in from the soon to be resource depot known as Ashenvale here to pull this recruitment thread from the bottom!

If -you-, a fine Goblin / Orc / Forsaken are reading this then Uncle Bedlam wants you to sign up and join the Battalion today and charge weapon or limb first into the fray with us!
And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling goblins!
Also I want my sword back! *shakes fist angrily in the distance*

In all seriousness, I had some nice little rp with you guys, even if poor Desartin was shot in the leg, captured, shot again, and then mugged. It was not even planned as I just ran to Orendil's thinking it was still safe, since I forgot today was the day we retreated to Darkshore.

Anyhow, untill we meet on the field of battle again.... once Desartin has more on him than just his pants again..

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