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For a second, lets put the toxicity behind us and Share one act of kindness you received from a stranger/friend and one act of kindness you have shown to some one. it can be a major help or a trivial one and let us remind ourselves how much goodness we have in us.

let us share.

One act of kindness received : after hitting 70 didn't know how to get into raids and was very socially awkward. some stranger invited me to a Karazhan and helped me kill 5 bosses till i got some gear. he added me and virtually taught me how to raid, interact etc. he left the game in wotlk end. but i still thank him for making me feel comfortable.

One act of kindness shown: Hosts weekly Normal raids and ensures i carry 3-5 low level people. it makes me feel satisfied and a feeling that some one is feeling the same i felt during my first Kara Raid.
Back in classic someone taught me how to mine copper ores. He would instruct me where I can get the pick and train the mining skill. It started with me standing around the back of Tiragarde keep in Durotar puzzled about what the copper vein was and how to interact with it. He just ran there mined it which prompted me to ask what the heck is he doing. He then escorted me to Razorhill for the lesson.

Whenever I'm in Ring of Blood zones I always help any person that want's to complete that questline.

Nice thread, we need more fuzzy cuddly topics like this on the forums.
The one act of kindness I received during vanilla stands out most to me. I was a complete newb, questing in Westfall for the first time and this highlevel (40 iirc) stranger came up to me, opened up the trade window (of which I did not even know yet the existence) and gave me several green gear pieces. As I was decked out in grey stuff I was blown away and thanked him profusely. He then proceeded to tell me that he had no use for them, he had been soloing Deadmines and in the AH he'd get only a few silver for it, just a waste of time. I remember thinking: Deadmines? AH? Wth are those? My utter confusion, the funny way he dumped the 'useless stuff' on me, and how happy I was with my new shiny robe, bracers and wand still brings a grin to my face.

As far as giving goes.. there's quite a few and I enjoyed them all so much in their own way. Hmm. I think I'll go with the time I responded to someone in trade, who had very recently returned to the game. He had just received a new weapon from a raid and wanted to know which enchant he should put on it but he only had a small budget. After talking for a bit I enchanted all his gear with the best enchants for free, and he was just sort of running around screaming because he was so happy :D.
Came back to wow after like a 10 year break. Guild took me in, and showed me how to raid. I literally had no clue what I was doing. 0 set pieces, no legos, aweful gear. Was a few randomers puged in going nuts at my low dps. I was like ohhhh guess I'm out the guild. But nope the whole gear went nuts at the bloke and stuck up for me! Was very shocked...

In return I've helped countless people get up to scratch,. Got them through mythic 15 for weekly item, even though i knew it'd mess my key up etc. Spent a ton of hours power levelling folk etc.
The first act of kindness i received was way back in vanilla, i met a guy while leveling and we'd message back and forth a lot. I hit 60 and was chatting to him about my plans to grind for my epic riding training.

He told me to meet him at crossroads later that day and gave me 1k gold to buy it, i was stunned because it was a lot back then. Ironically i didn't even have enough of my own gold to buy a mount, so i had to use av tokens to buy the frostwolf from the vendor.

A few weeks later he logged out and never logged in again, no idea what happened to him.


On the last day before zg was being removed as a raid, i was boosting a long time friend through so he could get the achievement and the raptor mount dropped. He had already said he didnt want the mounts but i told him to take it anyway and passed so he could have it, because i had wanted the tiger but it never did drop.
this happened just a few days ago

I was preparing my shaman for the resto challenge and I only had 1 set piece from t21.
I went as a healer in normal antorus and the other healer who was also a Shaman not only gave me 3 tier pieces that dropped for him but also 2-3 other non-set 930 gear pieces. My shaman ended with with a 4 set bonus and over 940 ilvl by they end.

I had the chance to partially repay his kindness when at the last boss a relic dropped for me that was an upgrade for his offspec so I passed it to him
Nothing major stands out for me like some of the people here have. I've been playing since the Burning Crusade and I pretty much was horrible at making friends so I mostly played alone. Did my odd BGs and dungeons and thats it. What I do remember is in Warlords of Draenor in Tanaan jungle, you had these rare's that gave you some nice starting gear to get yourself going. The some folks from the RP guild I was in during that time helped me through these rares to help me gear up my alt. I was truely gratefull for the "fresh 100" gear was unbearable and impossible to solo stuff in Tanaan.

Between ToS and the Antorus raid, me and a few friends created a raiding guild. As the guild master and main Raid Lead I felt responsible for everyone in my guild that they felt accepted, appriciated and having a fair chance at raiding. When someone came to me and asked for help I'd individually sat down with that person to teach him about his class/role. It made me feel happy to see these people being gratefull and peforming better. I've received alot of compliments from these people.
It is hard to pick a specific element here. I could argue that inviting me in my current guild back in TBC, the trust which was brought to me later and the help I receive by friends on occasion are probably what I value the most. On the other hand, small gestures like a thank you or an occasional praise by players from a PuG are, of course, also very nice.

I tend to look into the dungeon finder on a regular basis nowadays and help groups in the famous 10-14 bracket to get their keys done, help groups to complete their +15 keys and I usually do not get anything from it but the feeling that I helped people who needed some help.
At some point while leveling when I was very new to the game, I accidentally toggled my PVP on, don't know how exactly. Of course, a high level alliance player was nearby and kept on ganking me. I had no idea why this was happening and how to stop it. Then 2 high level horde players happened to see one of the kills and they killed the alliance player and stood by me until the PVP was toggled off. In the meantime they explained why this was happening and how to prevent it in the future.

During Cataclysm I mained a holy priest. I was in a Zul dungeon with a DPS alt and we had a priest healer. But this priest was just very terrible at healing. After a few wipes on the first boss he started apologizing and telling us he had just switched from shadow to holy and he had never healed before. The tank and another DPS kept trying to kick him, but the third DPS and myself kept refusing. Turned out the other DPS also mained a holy priest. We ended up explaining the basics to him, how healing works in general, what his most important spells were etcetera. The kicky tank and DPS left and we got two new players. We immediately explained the situation and they were very helpful and patient as well. We talked the priest through the dungeon and stayed there explaining more about priests for like 30 minutes afterwards. The priest and the other DPS have been in my friends list every since.
Received: I was farming for a toy in ToT and when it dropped one guy who got it traded it to me.

Given: I often give gold and advice to newbies. And also I used to coach newbies in Brawler's Guild in MoP and WoD and help them beat those bosses for rewards. Felt pretty good to help others.
From classic to the end of MoP I was with a very friendly guild and we helped eachother out all the time.

But sometimes, there are the little unexpected things that get your heart all warm and fuzzy.
I was playing my tauren druid once during MoP. Right next to the horde main building in the Vale. A rare had spawned outside and I attempted to kill it. In my kiting, I accidentally pulled a ton of those void spawns and died.
As I was eating and replenishing HP/Mana after ressing, a blood elf paladin flew down and started pounding on the rare. (This was before tags were shared)
Then, he suddenly stopped and looked at me, emoted /sorry, ran away and de-aggroed the mob.
I started attacking once it returned, and the pala came back to help me finish the mob.

Nothing major, but it was just so... unexpected and gave me a real "faith in humanity: restored" moment. I have screenshots of it somewhere.

Whenever I am levelling tailoring, I make tons of bags and hand out to random people in the starting zone.
I also help out those who genuinely need it and aren't trolling/being rude with gold/gear or even battle pets for that matter.
I know it's not WoW related, but that wasn't specified, so:

I got one from a few days ago.
I have a part-time job this and last week, walking around selling popsicles.
A guy in a Killstar MM shirt bought one, so we stopped for a bit and talked about music and stuff. Then I'm sayin: "You've got a real cool T-shirt!"
And he was like: "You like it? Here, take it." And just took it off and gave it to me. Then took some other shirt from his backpack for wearing.
I was speechless. Made my whole week.

And to continue in IRL, given:
Sometimes I buy extra food or drinks and give it to homeless people. Or I tend to give away my rings to people who like them, just as that guy did with his T-shirt, since I've got tons of them home and could not possibly wear them, even though I love them all.

Ok, I'll add something WoW related, too:


Back in TBC, I was a young kiddo hyped about WoW, but didn't know anything about the game. I got trough somehow, leveled till 70 and then just proceeded to do battlegrounds. I met a guy there who was like 10 years older than me, we were playing together for a year or so. He gave me gold, advice on gear, stats, even took me for my first dungeon. Thanks to him, TBC was a great era for me and for that I'll be forever thankful to him!
Makes me wonder where he ended up, pity we don't have any contact. :<

Or, and I know that's not a big deal for most people, but it makes me SO thankful: Started RPing recently, the first time I went there into the world to RP, I randomly met some awesome folks who just offer me help all the time with leveling, give me advice about RP, tell me about the events and such. I feel so blessed, don't know what I did to receive such kidness. <3

When we're running for mounts and they drop, I never take them, unless everybody in the group has it, even if it was my idea to go. Golds to newbies and advice when needed has become a normal thing to me during the years, and I'm glad more people are doing it!

03/07/2018 10:11Posted by Thedice
Whenever I'm in Ring of Blood zones I always help any person that want's to complete that questline.

This! I feel like almost everyone does it, even helping the opposite faction, and that just warms my heart!
I benefited from three good acts of kindness this expansion. My eyesight is bad and sometimes I get lost or struggle to find something.
1. A random druid helped me do the drawing runes quest down in the Mage Acedemy in Azsuna. I /w him and asked and he put me on follow which worked.
2. Someone helped me do the Grapple quests in Stormheim. I posted a comment here seeking help with tips on it and someone offered to group with me and used a two-man mount.
3. On the final stage of the Fathomdweller mount quest I was struggling to find my qay through the sunken ship to click the final orb. Someone /w me asking if I needed help, I said yes and he guided me through.

I have in the past (not done it recently though) joined groups to assist with old raid achievements. The last one I remember was someone trying to do the blood one for the shadowmorne where you had to bite three people. As a shaman I should be able to count as two people but I couldn't figure out how to die and reincarnate (even naked with res sickness). But I did help them get the healing the green dragon chiev at least.
Back during wotlk, I was doing some quest in icecrown on my horde dk where you control some immobile creature and have to kill waves of mobs.
I didn't really get it right on the first try and was getting overwhelmed when an alliance mage showed up and helped me, allowing me to barely succeed in the quest.
When I got out of controlling the creature, we had an awkward pause as we realized we were from enemy guilds. Against my guild's rules, I emoted /thank at my savior. Then I killed him.

A little while later, I went back to this place, finding that same mage doing that same quest and getting overwhelmed as well. His creature was killed and he was being zerged by the mobs. In a gesture of mercy, I abridged his suffering.

He then brought two friend to attempt to corpse camp me. Such ingratitude.
Received: it was during TBC, i was leveling up in STV at my level 35ish when i was being constantly ganked a level 50 ish horde. i think he was bored, he even went to an extent of corpse camping me. back then i play in a net cafe with strict timing constraints.. so there was no option for me to log off and log back in later. i did various emotes but none of them mattered to him. Frustrated by these entire series of events, i called for help on the general chat for 15-20 mins. no one responded but there was this one level 35 warrior who invited me to a grp and said his girlfriend was sitting beside him and she logged into her level 70 rogue and in return she corpse camped the horde. after which he left me alone. at that moment the couple felt like angels who had come to help me. they even helped me with some little gold to save for my flying. I was really moved by them.

Given: I do the same thing. (atleast i used to when it mattered) i always attended to the calls of my faction lowbies. if i got to know they were being harassed by high level hordes. i used to be there for them. some times it resulted in a full scale open world PVP arena. that was wayyy back then. I guess now it doesn't even matter. I dont blame the game.. its just times change.. so right now i help people learn PVP.
Given: I've carried my friend on my vial of the sands drake through pathfinder 1 and 2. I usually like to help anyone, stay for things that dont benefit me anymore. I randomly took someone from Elwyn to Stranglethorn to make their trip faster.

Received: Friend boosted me through Karazan to get my Nightbane when it was hard. Or one time when I was a newbie and didn't have any idea what is what, I played on my alliance and met a guy who saved me from a ganker in Barrens and took me on a farming trip to get the recipe Savory Deviate Delight which sold for nice gold back then (300 gold I think, which was a fortune for me).

There are a lot of things actually, like never quitting as a healer at start of Cata dungeons, or leveling friend's engineering while he was at work. I just think it makes for a better game when people help each other and teach other players instead of this funny leet attitude that's so pervasive atm.
04/07/2018 09:48Posted by Athiara
Here is some kindness for ya.

Wow that's amazing!

Please let this be my kind ness recieved!

GIven: take lowbies to raids and i one shot them to give them gear/exp
Seriously, this makes me so happy to read.
Given: I powerleveled a character of a friend of mine back in WotLK. When people want something alchemic made, I do it for them, without charge and often from my own mats. I like to act as a taxi for people who don't have flying yet and I often give away battle pets which I already have.

Received: so many things, but these stand out: in WotLK, I was a real pauper, I never had gold, had to save up for enchants. One time I was doing the arena quest in Icecrown together with a Forsaken warlock and we started talking, it ended up with her giving me gold for enchants. That was so sweet. Thank you Ritual the Noble, I even named characters after you :3
I got the Blingtron circuit game from a guildie, 'cause it was very expensive in the AH. I gave him my stash of herbs as thank you.
And someone very dear to me gives me gold every month so I can buy a token. I'm still somewhat of a pauper it seems :)

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