one act of kindness

I dont help people because i am not a nice person.

A friend of mine got 100g from a random guy in the DH Order hall because he thought my friend looked like a homeless bum and told him to buy some swag.
Self-Validation thread ahoy :)

Received: A couple of people in my guild helping us get curve in spite of my ilevel/dps being low to borderline for such a run. seriously, there's been so much goodwill around getting the Spellwing this time around that it's heartening to see (compared to legion end, where it was all "buy boost or gtfo")

Given: Spent some time lurking in Antoran Wastes offering out free use of Observers Locus Resonator (for Rezira)
Recieved: Someone flew me arround Draenor and let me get the Treasures and since i basically finished all the rep/quests before, that was the pathfinder for me right there.

In return i let him and 3 others get the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent (The one flying arround in Pandaria)
Took me a lot of time to farm all the shards and it was a pain in the a** but since he helped me i thought i'd return the favor.
In classic i had a guild mate who gave me 250 gold so he sold everythign he had and gave me every gold he had.
that made me get epic mount skills and a mount but a few days later he came back asking for the gold back so i grinded, sold pets on AH and sold everythign i could and gave back his gold.

when i was new in game around MoP, I was a complete noob ofc, didnt know how to get a mount, didnt know there was major cities, i pretty much leveled through the game by exploring, a high level guy once showed up, seeing me trying to get past a bunch of high level mobs, he came down from his mount, killed them, and escorted me where ever i was going, although i wasn't going anywhere and i was around the blood gulch area, i was a level 10 at the level 80 zone lol. we became friends and he helped me ever since, gave me 10k to buy all the different flying expertise, gold to get mounts and boosted me through dungeons, eventually got my first mount drop the azure drake. last year was the last time i saw him online, i hope everything is ok with him.

good deed done: ive helped numerous noobs through wow with killing bosses, quest enemies and stuff, given gold to some noobs who needed, boosted through dungeons, pretty much show the kindness i was shown when i was a noob myself. its good to help others!
Maybe it's just because i play OW so i know what real toxicity is but I just don't feel like the WoW community is that bad, the worst I ever really get is people raging when we're really stuggling on a new boss and who hasn't been like that honestly?

On my birthday I was feeling really down because absolutely no one wished me a happy birthday or gave half a sh!te about it so i just stuck a sad little post in /2 and had multiple people messaging me to make sure I was ok, they were all just complete strangers willing to take some time out to cheer someone up.

I feel like that's how it's always been, yeah there's trolls but most people just help others out
I'm not going to post about what I have received/done but about what my good lady wife has.

She can never time her jumps correctly. We were doing a Blackfathom Depths run and she could not make the final jump (long since made easier) at the drowned sanctum. The rest of the group waited, shouting encouragement until she finally managed it.

She used to go to the starting area for whichever faction she was on and would hand out max size bags (16 slot back in vanilla?) to newly created charaters. i.e. wait for them to spawn and then open a trade window with 4 bags for them.

She made some long time friends that way.
Showed: I paid for and boosted somebody so they could achieve the +15 Mythic weapon skin

Recieved: enchants and raid mats through mail from a friend
Recieved: Around 7 months ago when I joined Legion and ofc a guild too. I played on a MoP private serv for 2 years so I wasn't that nooby, but many changes were very confusing to me the first month. The guild offered to take me to a Nighthold normal run, but the leader was such a jack !@#.
,,Join Discord now, you hear everything? Don't die''
,,Well, meh, you're low but i guess you'll do. We are overgeared.''
,,You should enchant your gear'' - ,,I guess i can reforge it too'' - ,,oh lol no more reforge, this is no MoP''.

Well, my discord wasnt working, it showed connected but couldnt hear or talk a thing so i thought i would go blind and read strats fast every fight.

We had a BM huntress which was a complete sweetheart. Before raid she whisped me ,,Stay near me and you'll be ok ^^ '' . She also changed her loot spec to MM to help me get some relics. Also she gave me tips in /w before some fights.

I left that stupid guild of course, but i sent her a Christmass gift with a pet thanking her for being kind. She answered back by sending a WoD mount .

Showed: Well, now and then when I see lowbies struggling to fight rares I jump in to help them. In raids i inspect the people and try to give the gear i dont need to the lowbie ones since it would help them more. If I put it for roll, i never give it to leeches in LFR, even if they win. The next person who wasnt afk will get it.
A week ago when I farmed scales for the mail leggo I saw a 2000 k rogue trying to farm the sentinax for the quest alone. I spent 20 more min to help him get all the marks . Also I searched Sentinax groups in LFG to help them with my leftover beacons from bank.
When I started WoW, I was ganked by a ??-level member of the opposite faction. That wasn't very nice, but then the opponent did a /hug on me, and I thought 'oh at least that was nice of him'.

About one year later I found out it was an achievement.

I would do one but to many memorable moments so I’ll do my top three.

Most recent - Was levelling fishing on a alt and this guy just popped down next to me and we started chatting.
Sounds pretty poor but honestly it was great and reminded me why I loved this game so much.

Top moment - When I first rolled Druid back in WOTLK I was outside Stormwind all day duelling people as feral, I sucked so bad at it but I kept at it as I wanted to get better.

Anyways this random Druid comes up to me and he just clicked duel, we fought and he completely obliterated me, I got a /W saying I’ll teach you. So he did, taught me how to make macros, best gems, stat prio but most of all how to play the class.

He never asked for anything in return.

Second most memorable - I had an alt warrior at the time in wotlk and wanted the axe from Pit of Sauron. Couldn’t get it for the life of me, anywho this random group literally ran me through it till it dropped. No return favours or gold. Couldn’t believe it.

What I’ve done? The player who taught me feral passed on knowledge and inspiration I guess, so whenever I see a new player or random asking for help with x class I’ll always try and give them a hand.

Honestly, the WoW community might seem toxic (yeah there are some players but find me a game that doesn’t) but it’s community imho is hands down the best.

The passion, the dedication it truly blows me away some times. So I have to thank each and every one of you for helping to make this game a truly unique experience for not just me but every other player....

Alright enough of that mushy talk, I have a tree to burn down.
Wow! so many good ppl out there!

Received: a surprise birthday treat from my guild mates. i really remember it we were doing ICC and suddenly after killing Saurfang, the entire Ventrillo bursted out singing happy Bday to me and i was given the Deathbringer's will ( Very Sought out trinket for DPS back then) i felt so worthful once in my life. none of my real life frnds or family even paid a visit to me on my bday!

Given: Helped people level up, give them inputs and some advice on any game related stuff. patiently answer people on the global chat/guild for any questions they ask. some times give away free 500 gold pr week to the needy person in any low levelling zone and make his day!
I love these threads! Thank you everyone for making this a community to be proud of :D

As for myself – Back in Northrend I had just joined a guild when the account of one of my new guild mates was compromised. At the time I wasn’t aware Game Masters were able to restore accounts, so I crafted some epic gear and traded it, along with some gold, to help him get back on his feet.

The amount of gold I traded away then was the exact amount I was given back in Classic to purchase my epic mount and skill from a random player.
Someone gave me 4k for 280% flying speed once, didn't even ask for it.

Also this one time in Outland, 2 people helped me capture the towers in Hellfire Peninsula. Two Horde max levels were ganking me, the 2 alliance strangers saw it and switched to their mains and proceeded to protect me until the quest was done. <3

I like helping newbies quest from time to time, give them pointers and whatnot. They seem to appreciate it. I'm also not one too decline very often when someone asks for a few 100 gold for something.
Received : when i started to play back in Tbc i was a rogue and once i managed to que up for AV i jumped in but the bg was so big and i was clueless and one guy a rogue named Tallissid picked me up and walked me through all of it explained the bg how to get the most out of it as a rogue and alot of pvp tips, safe to say by end of TBC i got pretty good at pvp and pve and even eded up with a warglaive from illidan , first in my guild all thanks to him.

Given: plenty , i usually give away gold and items or bnet gifts since gold its so easy to come by but the best there is , i was in wotlk and our guild was doing an alt run in ToGC and we had this new DK in guild , green gear noob skill just started the game , i was on my warrior and a belt drop was an upg for me but instead i decided to pass it to this dk , i received alot of thanks and gratitude so after raid we started chat alot more and after like abit over one month we became quite close friends and it turned out this dk was a girl, 9 years later we are living togheter and we have a lovely 20 months old girl.
Gotta love these things , u never know how a small thing like passing some pixels in wow changes your life glad i see ppl doing nice things and I hope you guys keep doing it . Keep up the good work
Received: When I was playing back in Vanilla, walking around completely clueless, I picked up mining and blacksmithing... as a priest.

Anyway, the first time I arrived in Stormwind I didn't know where to look and where to go. A guildie then showed me a bit around in Stormwind, and he showed me the Dwarven District where I could smelt ore and create some gear. He then gave me ONE GOLD!!!! Which was very much at that time, especially since I was only lvl 20 or so.

Given: Hard to pick one, I'm always trying to help out here and there. There was this one time where a Horde player fell down a steep slope in Outland. He didnt have flying and he was trying to get up the hill again but it was impossible. Just as he was about to walk aaalll the way around again, I flew in with my DK, used some /emotes to move him towards a certain spot, then I /duel' d him and Death Gript him up the ledge.
Later he created al alliance toon just to /w me a lot of thankyou's and such
Thanks for this post! makes me feel nostalgic!

Received- A guy helped me learn professions. he showed me how to fish, and mine ores and craft armour. He told me doing these could help me earn gold which is a vital part of the game. he made me come out of my comfort zone and actually fueled me to work hard for benifits

Given - Some times when im in a lucky mood, i sell my stuff for free on /2 or put it in the AH for a very less price! would make some one's day out there!
i was a level uldum. completely lost, i think i even swam around or something to get to lover level zone,i died billion times, i didnt really know whats hearthstone, and someone was passing buy and asked me if i needed a ride and saved me :D

sometimes i just hang around in Org looking for newbies, i always give them Void-Shrouded Satchels and 500-5000g, they are easy to spot and they need help
Had a wow break during TBC and was way behind on gearing, but one of my old friends pvp'ed with me very intensely to get some gear. It helped having someone to play with. And even though he couldn't really get more gear, he stayed and had fun with me. Still lots of fun memories of us defending Galvangar against hordes of enemies in Alterac.

Saw a the Goblins Shredder mount sold for way too low on the AH back in MoP. It was obvious the seller had missed a couple of zeroes in the price. So i quickly bought in, and sent it back to him (requesting the few thousands I had spend).
He was so happy that he did not just "loose" a lot of gold due to a mistake
Given: Sometimes when im really really bored, i stand around the human starting zone and i give people gold between 100-1000g. I think thats a good start, especially for people if they are new to the game and the first encounter is not a max level horde guy camping them.

Recieved: Probably the game itself from my brother many years ago. The game gave me so much joy and happy moments over the years that i will never regret playing it.

Im still having the same amount of fun, hype, motivation, basically every positive feelings and thoughts whenever i log in, play, wait for a new patch or expansion.

I like this game so so so much!

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