Looking for a new guild.

Moonglade / Steamwheedle Cartel / The Sha'tar
Hey I am Grövak,

I am playing WoW sinds mid MoP and now in legion i started to do some raiding trough pugs (main warrior) i have done argus heroic a couple of times and also got garathi mythic down trough a pug, now i am not playing WoW so much but i wan’t to come back fully in BFA.
I am searching for a guild that we can push as a team and share alot of laughs and just have fun together
(that’s what i find important as a gamer).

In BFA i wan’t to step up my gameplay and join a guild and meet some new people to laugh and defeat bosses with.

I don’t know yet wich class i will play in BFA but my top are warrior, monk and DH. But i’m open to change whatever needed.
I’m open to heal, dps, tank. I’m always willing to help others, also i don’t care so mush about gear i just wan’t to have a fun raiding experience and whatever else BFA has to offer without yelling kids.

If you are interested to have me in your guild leave a reply down below.

Ty for reading, have a great day all.

Come join <Glory for the Horde> if you want!!!

Started this guild for BFA and really love new members to join.
Please message me if interested

Jesse (Jubei)

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