(H-RP) The Red Accord, Recruiting!

Argent Dawn
We call upon you people of the Horde. The spellbreakers, apothecaries, shadow-hunters and spiritwalkers that linger out there, willing to fight for the Horde! You are needed in this broken world, in a place where your talents will be accepted and where you can unleash the full extent of your capabilities. The Red Accord welcomes you.

The Red Accord is a role-playing guild that serves the Horde, first and foremost, with no task being too big or even too small. The Accord will do what is required of them no matter the cost, no matter the consequence.
Inherently a para-military Group, it celebrates all classes and races that are part of the Horde and have something to offer, even if the powers they wield are controversial or questionable, and the knowledge they hold forbidden. These types of characters are not only welcome, but encouraged. The Red Accord fully supports all members of the Horde and will always stand by the Horde's side. Eager to share in it's hardships and troubles.
There is no strictly defined uniform, part from the tabard. Members are expected to wear the tabard during the official missions of the Red Accord.

Black Ops
While the following is not considered something known in-character, it is necessary to provide the information to properly represent what the guild is truly about. Clandestine missions, often referred to as Black Operations, or Black Ops for short. During these missions there are no limitations to what can actually be done, the rules go out the window, the ends will justify the means, as it is all for the greater good of the Horde and it's allies.
These are usually missions that the Horde must deny any involvement with, lest they risk diplomatic tensions or worse. Thusly it is the prime prerogative that Black Ops are not discussed in public, or with people that possess no knowledge of the Accord's affairs.
When conducting these operations, a mask, helmet or hood that covers the character's face is mandatory, and dark coloured Equipment is preferred to be worn.

Breaches of confidentiality will be punished in the guild, which means not only will the character wishing to participate in the operations be signing an oath of silence on the matter in character, but also fully accept the consequences of breaking the oath out of character. Not accepting the consequences for ones role-play will be heavily frowned upon and if necessary, sadly, ignored.

The Archives
The archives of the Accord are there to serve multiple tasks, some of which are storing artefacts, locking them away, never to be used or perhaps to ensuring they simply fall into the right hands. The registry is part of the archives, containing all information of the current members of the Accord, their tasks, occupation and other basic information, as well as all of their most notable deed and accomplishments, moments worthy of remembrance and reverence.

OOC Information
The Guild will set off to different parts of the world on 'Campaigns' usually with an overarching plot that brings story, drama and conflict into the daily role-play. The Accord has dedicated officers that runs these weekly events, determined to ensure that fun is to be had. That being said, members approaching with personal stories or ideas for events are most welcome.

The Accord uses it's own event system with an extremely customizable character sheet, that the player mostly makes on their own, ensuring each guild member has a vastly different and preferred representation in the events themselves.
The system was designed to be firstly very easy to grasp, learn and master, with immersion and representation following in a close second. Help is constantly available for everyone experiencing any questions or troubles, no matter how small or silly they may seem. Feedback on the system itself, is equally appreciated.

We use Discord as a mean of adding and helping with the RP in the guild. For example, we keep the archives there, many social chats and the roll system. People are required to join the Discord so they can make a character sheet and join the events we offer!
The ranks of the Guild

OOC: Reserved for characters that have yet to have gone through their IC recruitment phase as well as alts of members already proerply in the Guild.

New Blood: New members of the Accord who have not proven themselves yet. These new recruits are expected to learn how the Accord works and are fully expected to prove themselves on missions. New Blood's showing the aptitude, ambition and great skill and commitment in their field, will quickly advance in the ranks.

Raider: The core of the Accord, proven members, without which the Accord could not funtion. They rise to the challenge without hestiation and do what is needed, no matter the cost.

Vanquisher: Members of the Accord who have proven themselves loyal, determined and proficient at what they do. These are members that are Always about, members that inspire on the battlefield, Soldiers who Raiders and New Bloods alike should look up to and follow their suit.

Archivist: A person in the Accord who spends many a night lumbering over records, registries and other documents, making sure all is noted properly, while also serving as a curator of lost or dangerous artefacts found during missions or tasks while in the field.

Seer: Usually advising the Speaker, and perhaps anyone else who either asks for advice or needs it. The Seer ensures that each member of the Accord is Heard and regarded and treated fairly.

Speaker: The founder and leader of the Accord, as well as it's representative. Dealing primarily with diplomacy and structure, as well as delegating tasks to his most trusted advisors.

The Guild is expected to pick up the events at the end of this month, until then we shall fill the evenings with casual RP for everyone to join.

If you wish to join us you can simply whisper any officer that is currently online. Eridael, Zahazi and Assorielle.
Aww yiss it's up
The guild is made IC tonight, campaigns are already being written. We aim to be off to a good start!
With the Accord taking form steadily, the Speaker now moves all operations to Orgrimmar!
Looking forward to starting up!
The Accord is formed and is looking for new blood! Don't hesitate to join up for some mayhem!
Events are set to start the 30th of July. It will be good times.
Yesterday Zahazi and Esildra honored the Loa by ceremonial combat against some "unofficial Night Elven captives" of the Darkspear. It's amazing what Fel Fire does to demoralize the opposition.
While it is way too hot in Sweden to even function, Orgrimmar is even more hot! That is where we usually hang about, if you find us, feel free to poke us!
Can't wait to start the first story line the guild has to offer. Excitement abound!
Tomorrow the first campaign of the guild starts up, it will take us to old, long forgotten halls in search of greater power for the Horde's benefit. Expect big foes and big loot.
And so the Accord's first campaign has begun!
Chasing down a powerful relic, by digging deep into tombs, they find strange creatures and even curses.
It shall be exciting to see how this ends!
Yesterday the Accord went deeper beneath the earth, fighting odd Pale creatures from the deep alongside giant spiders and lost spirits. It has been a dramatic venture so far, but they are getting close to their prize.
It has been a hard fought battle for the Accord to reach the Artifact they were sent out to retrieve for the Horde. Now that they have helped the Thorium Brotherhood reach it, it is time for the Red Accord to do what it does best - turn the tables when no one expects it.
It is time to move on to new adventures...more magical items call out and the Accord will answer, there are whispers coming from Stranglethorn...what could it be?
Tomorrow the Accord travels to Stranglethorn! So prepare your mosquito spray and voodoo charms!
Really like the sound of this Guild, was hoping to get online tonight but will will try catch you guys during the week in Orgrimmar when you all return from Stranglethorn.
Hey Kanalli! There's more stuff planned after Stranglethron, so I'd suggest you contact us when possible, to see if we can make something happen. Cheers :)

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