(H-RP) The Red Accord, Recruiting!

Argent Dawn
We certainly like to set things on fire!
We set fire to the enemies plans, and tonight we shall cut the head of the snake!
After weeks of chasing the same foe, we finally put an end to them.
An excellent story ended with a really good final event!
We now prepare for a celebration for our success and then we will tackle the next task. Come join us if you want to join in on all the fun!
Metal, red sand and spikes. What more could you ever ask for?
Orgrimmar can be quite the cozy city sometimes.
Time to relax! Whew...
The 2nd ever Red Gathering was awesome! Always good fun with a bit more of a relaxing event and a chance to socialise with new and old members alike, without dodging spells and axes!

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