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Is there ever going to be an option to turn off Shadowform's visual effect in form of a glyph?
Can we have masterloot back for mythic raiding?
People who don't like the default UI use mods, so what's the reason for changing it after all these years? Is it possible to get an option that enables us to use the old one?
Reap Souls, the Affliction Warlock ability, added an amazing (visual) flavour to the warlock fantasy. Slaying npc's, seeing their souls, and reaping them. Would you consider re-adding the ability? Or perhaps a flavour ability that's visual only, like Paladin's contemplation?
Will we ever see the main faction hubs (Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Ironforge, Thunder Bluff, Exodar, Silvermoon City) overhauled graphically in the upcoming expansions?
Is the fact that people on RP servers using warmode can't see non-flagged players intended ? RP realm players are supposed to be roleplayers, as such should be able to interact properly with or without warmode splitting the community of that server.
Since you can only opt in and out of it at the faction capital it's not like it could be used for grieffing players in world pvp.
why doesnt blizzard release some sort of tutorial that helps players using alts learn the APL (action priority list)

I dont want to read every tool tip and talent for every class I have especially those I log once every 2-3 months. nor do I want to read a guide on icy veins or another website or watch youtube videos. I dont mind theory crafting for my main but on every alt it becomes laborious

I want to be in game playing!!!!
Are you going to adjust tank skills? Especially for Paladins?

Shield of the Righteous nerfed to the ground. Previously it was giving % damage reduction, and now it is only giving +armor bonus, which is pretty much useless. Currently we have no defense against magic attack.

Hand/Light of the Protector is less useful now, and has long CD.

Are you going to do something about GCD? Now all of our abilities are subject to GCD, which is making our lives harder than it should.

Our threat rate is nerfed, alright, but why no compensation for it? Like extra damage increase?

Also why no Devotion Aura for Prot Paladins? Why no Blessing of Might / Kings?
When are you going to fix the bugs? and fix the game?
Could you unlink feral and guardian artifact weapons from their artifact forms? As of now we're forced to transmog the two together, not only that; we can transmog only one weapon colour for an entire row of an artifact form; we can't match the colours we want.
18/07/2018 23:37Posted by Shallens
Could you unlink feral and guardian artifact weapons from their artifact forms? As of now we're forced to transmog the two together, not only that; we can transmog only one weapon colour for an entire row of an artifact form; we can't match the colours we want.

I think there's a lot up with druid form transmogs - even setting aside that form/weapon is connected. I have all 6(and all bar two tints) for feral, and all the transmog UI offers is the 4 Moonspirit tints.
Similar with Guardian, except there it just offers 1 tint each of 4 out of of the 6 skins - and not the base colours.
What is the reason / justification for neglecting elemental, enhancement and shadow and leaving them for 8.1, while at the same time doing several, thorough reworks of other specs.
The new Animal Companion talent for BM hunters was a nice nod to Hati in Legion. Would you consider making Hati a tameable mob somewhere in the world so that we can have him back? It does feel a little cruel that he's basically just vanished into the ether, never to be seen again!
3 questions,

1) when will we get a new and comprehensive character builder and customisation's? if free to play games such as BDO and GW2 can do it surely you can

2) will we ever see guild/player housing? the tech is there I.E. garrisons and class halls, so shouldn't take much to implement.

3)when will drop rates for old world content especially mounts be increased? so sick of wasting my time farming for mounts for weeks on end and getting nothing in return for my efforts. i gave up i got that sick of it. i'm not the only one that feels this way. effort to reward ratio is to heavily skewed to high effort for little to no reward, for all content.
1) when will you fix your game and why didn't you guys fixed any bugs reported in beta?

2) when will you fix lvling?

3)will you plan on fixing azerite gear traits? they are completely useless

4) will you release an unfinished product like this ever again in the future?

i know none of those questions will be answered...
Why can't i turn off shadows? They don't make the game look better, feel better or play better. Why do we keep losing options and choices with your game?
Any chance we can have a PvE/class design theories focused Q&A? Tuning into these things is pretty depressing as a raider/dungeon-goer, as all you seemingly talk about is transmog & allied races.
What are your plans for class balancing? The prepatch hit the EU 1 day ago and right of the bat we see classes perform better then others. Will you adress changes so we'll have a equal playfield the whole expension?

After getting all setboni out of the calculation and everything grinded down to animation times, CD's and stuff can we hope for balance or do we get the same like useual?
Where is the chain heal from the PTR patch 7.3.5 that actually gives a holy version, instead of this watery effect?
What parts of the Pre-Expansion Events will still be playable after Expansion release?

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