Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Well Met!

Welcome to 8.0! As we move into the new expansion and chapter of World of Warcraft, i invite players and members of the servers to remember what it was like when the server community was thriving!

You may recognise me from your daily trade spam about good fortune, and today i want your attention once more. i have spent some time and effort in building a cross-faction public server discord!

I want this space to be used anyone and everyone who is a member of Thunderhorn and Wildhammer. No one can deny that the community on the servers have been drifting further and further apart. I would like to make the effort to bring some life back into our servers community.

There are dedicated channels for LFG, Guild Recruitment, Farming, Achievements and more!

THUNDERHAMMER - Thunderhorn/Wildhammer Public Discord!

P.S I am looking for responsible and reliable candidates for a select few officer roles on the Discord. Once you have registered, message me on discord (the Administrator) for more information about these roles!
Love it :) Best of luck with this :)

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