2 x Experience players LF guild.

Looking for Players – PvE
2 Experienced players looking for an enthusiastic raiding guild to raid in BFA


We have both raided multiple chars throughout WoW depending on what our guild at the time required. Myself (Incredia) mained shadow priest at the start expansion and have moved to my long term holy paladin which I intend on playing throughout the remaining expansion and continue into BFA. Skatarvar mained his enhancement shaman throughout this expansion however is moving to his mage.

We have both returned to the game after a short break hence the current item level of our gear. Skatarvar's mage is newly created gathering what gear he could running with pugs.

Our current experience is everything heroic cleared with first half of Mythic NH/ToS

We have played the game for many years on various different classes in different roles, we have played through each expansion since Vanilla and have had successful PvE and PvP experiences. We have each had experience running our own guild, quite successfully for many months as the Tanks of the guild.

We are currently looking for a guild that wants to try and progress Mythic raids throughout BFA, we aren’t looking for an “extreme” guild where you need to be online 24/7 and raiding 7 nights a week or you get kicked as that’s just not us, we have jobs and real life commitments which means we can only raid 3-4 times a week. Ideal raid times would be 8:30 Server time onwards but are flexible.

What will you get out of this deal? 2 Experienced players who can have a laugh but when required we can certainly focus and do the jobs necessary to down bosses. No messing. We are always on time to raids and if we aren’t going to make it for whatever reason we will let you know so we don’t leave you hanging. We are dedicated and hardworking players, who, admittedly have made mistakes in raids in the past but as we are only human it’s bound to happen. We just make sure it only happens once.

We are happy to use any form of Voice Comms/Addons that a guild could possibly require.

We are happy to faction/realm change if needed however Alliance is preferably.

Feel free to contact us on:
Yo Incredia,

I'd be a fool if I didn't at least try to get in contact with you guys. Your goals seem to align pretty well with ours. We're currently looking to fill the last spots in our raid group + get some 'backup' people.

We're a newly formed guild on Tarren Mill looking to push through everything in BFA. We'll raid twice a week, Wednesday Monday 19:30-23:00, which is admittedly not ideal for you guys but you said you were flexible. The core of the raidteam is couple of ex-mythic raiders, bolstered by some returning HC's and some newer people we are currently coaching.

We're running normals/hc (based on gear and recruitement) on Wednesday currently, to get people up to speed.

I've added you both on Bnet and hope to talk to you soon. Keycraftsman#2303
Hey Incredia,

Pretty sure we are the perfect match for you guys, the fact that we are situated in silvermoon is more then enough :P, joking aside please have a look at the post below for a better understanding

Feel free to add me for a better chat, even on discord if you would like.
You can also visit our web site if you cherish too: https://aiur-silvermoon.enjin.com

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