[A] Defenders of Valor is recruiting

Update 28/10/2018:

Thanks to everyone showing interest in our small community!
We are happy that we got quite a lot friendly and capable new raiders over the past weeks.
We are currently recuiting some more player to expand our roster to have a more solid core.
All classes are welcome.
Cause we have Uldir HC on farm and killed 1 boss on mythic, it would be nice if you bring HC raiding experience, but it's not a must.

Original post:


"Defenders of Valor" is open to everyone who seeks a relaxed gaming adventure with a friendly atmosphere.
Our main aim is clearing up to date raid content on "heroic" difficulty in a reasonable time. If we have a raid roster of 20+ stable and interested players we are also going to try mythic raids. But currently that has no priority to us.
People who are interested in the guild are welcome to join as raiders or socials.
Raiders will become trials at first and we will see how it goes guild/ raidwise. Socials may get invited directly. However unfriendly and rude people will get removed.

Our usual raid times are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 20:00- 23:00 server time. We also introducing an "Academy run" on monday from 20:00- 23:00
Academy runs are the same as our heroic raid runs, except it will be a chill out run with no pressure. Alts, socials, friends, strangers, family and mains who want to help or need more gear and experience are welcome to join.
Check the "Academy" #info tab for more information about those runs.

If you are interested to join the guild for a raid spot or as social, feel free to talk to an officer or leave a message at our Discord server or website.


Goldnspirit#2157 <- guildmaster
GhostDragon#237293 <- officer
Rakarth#2137 <- officer
Twalot#2916 <- officer
Tautvydas#2702 <- officer




We are still looking for more people.
Also when you are a group of players, don't hesitate. The more the better.
hey me and my friend are really interested in joining your guild but we are having a bit of a hard time getting into contact with you so please add me socioou#2457 if you would like
Some updates about our guild in general and we are still looking for more people.
Small update:

We are currently looking for more ranged dps to progress further in Uldir hc.
Hunters, Mages and Warlocks are most welcome.
We are open for new recruits again.
For more information see the starting post on top.


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