Artifact Transmog Spec Locked in BFA.

It isn't the biggest deal but I'm kinda annoyed that the Artifact mogs are going to remain spec locked.
I was hoping to use the Mage Tower MM one while playing BM in BFA.

I'm a bow guy & don't like guns, so my super amazing ugly as hell artifact weapon spent almost all of Legion mogged.
I'll never understand why Blizzard thinks firing a loud weapon right next to an animal's sensitive ears is a good idea. It's a good way to deafen them &or get mauled.
Plus some races just look miles better with bows, or even crossbows than guns & vice versa.
I mean I'd never use a bow while playing a Goblin or Gnome Marksman for example.
I am more upset that things like "Win 15 BGs" will have to be done on each and every toon. :<

I agree tho that a class should have access to all of their looks.
I also wish it'd unlock for my alts of same class....

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