8/8hc, 4/8m Geometry Recruiting RANGED

As above, we looking at people to improve current roster
Warlocks... where are all the warlocks when you need a summon?
Still need a couple more
good dps
Only looking for a decent tank.. this will be for main tank spot (We looking at releasing our current tank for a dps role)

As a result must have high attendance and working mic

Drop me a message with any questions
looking for all ranged classes, Drop us an application if you are interested. Also considering melee if you are really good. Warrior or rogue top of the wish list there.
i main a ret paladin but also levelling a rogue to max, could i join the guild?
Just drop an application off at the website and we can review your logs etc. try and catch an officer online to have a chat too. ask anyone online to try and grab one of us
Bump still looking for ranged mythic player's and a new raid leader!
moar bumps
We are still looking for a Strong Warrior to throw into our mythic setup and a warlock + another ranged (no hunters/boomies) to complete our Roster! We have Fetid on 0.5% he dies Monday! Join us in our Journey to Mythic Ghuun!!

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