Sodium Chloride[A] - Cutting Edge Raiding in BFA

Sodium Chloride [Silvermoon – Alliance] is a guild formed from experienced mythic raiders after just cutting the latest edge on a simple core principle that every action or issue should be discussed openly as a team. After seeing issues with our previous guilds not holding their individual weight as officers or leaders with no potential for change we're setting ourselves up as a counselled guild – should any individual member of our officer team or even the guild master not be wholly pulling their weight for their individual role you as a member are well within your right to discuss this with another officer, it will then be put forth anonymously to the other officers and discussed, if we agree you should expect leadership change. This will ensure we always have the strongest possible leadership team heading into each tier and will provide the greatest foundation possible to maintain fairness as well as a consistent standard throughout your time with us.

As a guild we will be looking to always cut the mythic edge in a reasonable time whilst only raiding 2 days (Monday/Thursday 20:00-23:00). Once we've farmed heroic enough at the start of a tier we will move that to an optional raid day (Likely Sunday, 20:00-23:00) and focus totally on progression. With such a tight requirement we will have relatively high expectations of our raiders both in an ability capacity as well as attendance, however we will also value that your real life will ultimately maintain a higher priority than gaming – if you need to take time off at some point as long as reasonable notice is given we will do our upmost to play around this.

We're currently 8/8 heroic and 5/8 mythic - Recruitment is still open to high-parsing ranged dps.
Slight preferences to Warlocks and Elemental Shaman.

Also always recruiting any M+ players interested in an environment filled with people looking to push 1k or so IO and above.

What we're looking for in our players on a basic level:
- Fluent in English, and willing to speak on discord.
- Have roughly 90+ percentiles as a minimum on farmed content (e.g. Antorus Hc etc)
- Be prepared to potentially play an off-spec should it be required. While we would encourage having an alt it's not completely necessary.
- Clear mechanical understanding of fights – meter whoring will not be encouraged in this team.
- Be sociable outside of raiding environments, we will expect the members to play together relatively consistently throughout BFA, be it dungeoning, leveling etc. You should always want to take a guild member over a PuG player is the general philosophy we want to maintain.
- Potentially we may want to trial you in a M+ environment just to get a feel for you as a player.

Rather than continue this wall of text I've simply added below the rules and guidelines our guild will be following throughout BFA, if we've held your interest this far please take a look through them:

Guild Rules

The Basics:

- Guild image is important! - you will be expected to be respectful to both your guild members and those outside of the guild.

- All important decisions are made as an officer council – the GM's role is only to take the final vote in the event of an unbreakable tie on a decision – this is to ensure that the popular opinion of the whole raid team is accounted for as consistently as possible.

- You have every right as a raider to say you don't agree with an officer's decision – please feel free to whisper either the GM or one of the other officers with any concerns, all of these will be taken into consideration. Your opinion matters regardless of rank.

- All players will be expected to be able to speak on discord during raid nights. This doesn't mean constantly, just be capable should the need arise - (adapting to a fight or a bad situation is a lot easier when you don't have to type mid pull!). We're also actively encouraging people to sit in discord outside of raids to join in on the content BFA has to offer and really get involved with one another as players – as well as perhaps delving into other games once the initial hype dies down. The goal here is community.

In regards to Raiding:
Our goal is to maintain a very strong sense of progression with consistent curve cutting each tier whilst also only raiding twice per week. As such there will be some relatively strong policies on how we raid as follows:

- All players will be expected to have arrived 5minutes prior to the raid commencing with flasks, runes and potions (regardless of if the guild is providing them you should have them in your bags just in case!).

- You’ll also be expected to have finalized your signs for the raids no later than 24 hours before the raid begins. In the event that you can’t meet this requirement there needs to be a very solid reasoning – if it becomes consistent you need to inform us you'll have to take a continual leave from the roster until it's sorted. In the event that we've had no information and you're simply consistently declining – expect to stop being invited.

- The raid leaders (there will be 2 alternating on fights to ensure if one cannot make it that we always have a consistent leader) will choose the bench warmers each raid, this will be rotated each raid. No player should have an issue with the potential of being benched, every raider should expect it at some point and take it gracefully as just part of how we operate.

- We actively encourage people to speak up! If you feel like you've seen a better tactic or think we could do something differently to help optimise the fight your opinion is invaluable. The raid leaders can't see everything, 20 sets of eyes are better than 2! (most of the time )

- Due to recent loot drop changes and with the goal of playing as a team in mind - gearing your main-spec is priority, once you’ve geared your main-spec should you receive a drop while raiding that isn’t an upgrade (this is talking stats not item-level) for your main-spec and is tradeable whilst being an upgrade to another’s main-spec we will encourage loot to be traded, once all players main-specs are geared it becomes the full individual's choice – This is simply to ensure everyone gets to a reasonable level to aid in progression, it'll seriously suck if one guy gets 15 items a week and another gets shafted by the RNG gods so help each other out!

- Meter whoring is not encouraged in this guild. If you’re actively failing mechanics being top of the meters will not save you from being called out or quite possibly benched for the evening.

We look forward to any and all applications.
Please get in-contact via either - Math#2386 or Discord - Math#2386
Sodium Chloride is still looking for members for the core team. We're mainly looking for dps roles, mostly ranged dps classes, but all classes will be considered as long as you the meet the given criteria.

If you feel like the guild is something for you, feel free to contact any of the officers and we can have a talk.

I can also be reached on both discord and Tanras#2728
Discord Xzorria#6705
Hi mate

i am 8/11 mythic player who is wanting to re-roll warlock for BFA

are you interested?

Added more to our roster. Currently considering DPS of all kind.

If you have any questions regarding the guild and recruitment, feel free to contact any of the officers in game or through battlenet and discord. Lestyn#2297.
Discord Lestyn#9336
Hey Maxstar,
If you could get incontact with me in-game that'd be fantastic, my discord and are both Math#2386
You did not mention raid days/times. Is that because they've not yet been decided?
So we're actually putting it to a vote currently - however i can tell you with certainty it'll either be Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Thursday - The optional heroic raid once we've farmed that enough as a core will likely be sunday night.
Essentially all decisions we make we want to involve as much of the raid team as possible, hence why it wasn't immediately up.
Okay I can now confirm we will definitely be raiding on Monday/Thursday from 20:00 to 23:00 server time. Updated the main post. Still after a few more ranged DPS in an ideal world.
Raiding spots are filling up quickly.

We are however still looking to recruit a few more dps classes, with emphasis on ranged.

If you are interested and have decent logs to show, contact any of the officers ingame, on battlenet or discord.
We're always open for a chat with prospective candidates. Whisperwind#2361
Discord Veiles#4838
Still looking for a few more core ranged players for the team - currently at 18 players looking to hit BFA with a team of 24 ideally.
Strong recruitment value on mages, warlocks, elemental shamans, hunters and ideally a warrior.
However - we will of course still consider anyone of any class with the right drive and attitude to clear content with us in BFA.
Almost come to the end of our recruitment phase! Thanks to everyone for all your interest regardless of outcome.

We are still recruiting 2-3 more ranged and potentially a warrior and death knight.
As per, feel free to contact any of the officers - we're all ready to help you out.
You can get ahold of me through either Discord or - both Math#2386

We're now only looking to recruit a couple more ranged players going into BFA.
Any and all socials are of course welcome, as well as anyone looking to push some mythic+ once we've struggled through the first 3 weeks of BFA. ;)

Cheers guys, look forward to seeing you in BFA.
We're now finished recruiting! Looking forward to going into BFA with the roster we've put together.
We will still however consider anyone who applies with an outstanding attitude and logs to back up the talk, and we're still accepting any and all socials. If you're someone who's particularly interested in mythic+ and the likes but doesn't have time to raid currently this may well be the place for you.
See you all in BFA!
Due to an unforeseeable flake Sodium Chloride is reopening it's recruiting! We're looking for 1 final solid ranged core player with a slight preference to hunters or elemental shamans but anyone is up for concideration

Please contact me on either or discord both at Math#2386
Cheers guys! Only a few days away now!
Sodium Chloride has now finished recruiting for it's core - However if you're a player with interest in Mythic+ pushing or simply looking for a guild of determined attitudes we could still quite possibly be the place for you!
So feel free to drop me a buzz on either Discord or at Math#2386.

We will of course - still be considering any seriously strong applicants to the team, if you think you've got what it takes we're more than willing to have a conversation and see where we can go from there.
Not long now till the raiding commences!
Sodium Chloride is reopening it's recruiting! In light of a couple of people deciding BFA wasn't for them we now have 2 dps spots opened back up for ranged players.
We've got a slight preference to a shadow priest, however any strong candidates will be considered.
This will be looking to enter the end stages of heroic and early mythic very quickly, as such you'll need to be geared accordingly - we will still consider those with less gear, but you'll be expected to catch up to the appropriate level.

Alternatively if you're someone who's just looking for guys to do mythic+ and a more social setting we'd be very interested in having you!
Please get in contact with me via either Discord or - both Math#2386.
Sodium Chloride is still recruiting!
High recruitment preference to a couple of extra ranged dps currently going futher into mythic.

Alternatively if you're someone who's just looking for guys to do mythic+ and a more social setting we'd be very interested in having you too!
Please get in contact with me via either Discord or - both Math#2386.
Hey do you accept people who work on a rota?
I don't know what I'm working each week but I could request to have one maybe two certain days off each week to be there for raids
@Peridot - That's absolutely fine with us as long as you can maintain a fairly consistent attendance with raids - Obviously if something pops up here or there that's absolutely fine, but if it's every other raid it'd become an issue ;)
If you're interested hit me up on or discord - Math#2386
Sodium Chloride is still recruiting 1 more ranged DPS to fill out our roster!
Slight preference to a boomkin, but any class will be taken under consideration - contact me via Discord or at Math#2386

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