H) Any realm) DPS Warrior) 12yr xp) LF BFA Mythic Raids

Looking for Players – PvE
TLDR: DPS Warrior with 10+ years of World of Warcraft experience looking for a team to have fun and good times with in mythic progression.

I always loved PvE content in World of Warcraft, and that's what I want to keep progressing in. I played hardcore during my beginnings in Burning Crusade, and when my guild stopped playing halfway through Ulduar, I kinda got sick of it for a while. With the flexible raid size systems and Mythic difficulty introduced later, I've been wanting to progress in the highest content level again. I was able to raid Mythic in Legion, 4/11 Antorus. But then in April 2018, my guild decided to move to Alliance. I chose not to follow, took a break, and I am now looking for a new home to be able to progress again.

My experience:
I've been playing since Burning Crusade as a tank, melee, ranged, healer, in the Horde, the Alliance, low population, high population, PvP, PvE, and RP realms. I am far from being new to the game, and I don't think I'm stopping any time soon. I'll summarize my experience for the last two expansions only:

Warlords of Draenor:
- Multiple heroic Hellfire Citadel clears without a guild. Both Warrior legendary rings maxed to 795.
- Hosted "learning runs" every friday night for around half a year, taking inexperienced pugs with me and helping them transition from LFR to Normal difficulty. We made it to Archimonde several times. I have patience and I'm understanding with inexperienced players who want to do their best.
- I liked to keep doing these runs while trying to get in touch with Mythic difficulty.

Legion: as of April 2018, before I went on a break when guild moved to Alliance
- 4/11 Mythic Antorus.
- 970+ equipped item level, artifact level 82, both Warrior trinkets maxed to 1000.
- Couple level 19 keystones completed on time.

Me as a raid member:
- I mostly prefer to DPS. I can still backup tank if needed on some fights, or some dungeons. Tanking was my main role for half my career, I know how to do that too.
- I will be at the summon stone on time, and minutes early if I can. Unless I really can't, and I will try to warn if possible.
- I will have my food, runes, flasks, potions, tomes of clear mind, gems, enchants, glyphs, vantus runes, and everything else any raider can get on their own to be prepared.
- I will have some supply of utility items such as auto-hammers for repairs, drums of fury, invisibility potions for mythic keystones, goblin gliders, and other things I could happen to need from time to time while playing.
- I will spend a lot of my gold buying item upgrades from the auction house, even expensive gear for minor item level increases.
- I invest a lot in what I love. If I love you and your guild, you'll get gold&stuff in the guild vault, and my help while carrying alts/newcomers. I don't play alts myself, so I can provide my main's capacity during alt runs and when gearing new recruits.
- I will know the tactics before the fights, and will have watched videos, unless I'm expected not to. Discovering fights the hard way is often very fun too!
- I hate when I'm performing poorly. I will do my best to spot my mistakes and try to correct them until I can give my very best for every encounters. I will listen to advices and give a try to what people suggest.
- If we keep wiping on something in particular, I will look out for what's wrong. I am not passively waiting to be carried.
- When on a break while waiting for a patch/expansion, I still log on for raid times and some occasional keystones.

My tools and addons:
- Discord with mic. I'm not talkative, but still call out what I can to help during encounters.
- Exorsus raid tools
- Skada
- Weakauras proved useful for some fights. I guess I can tolerate it.
- I also have OBS and can record fights sometimes. Can be useful while progressing to see if we can improve some things. Can't edit though, and the melee point of view isn't always the nicest one :p
- Cross Gambling. Because easy gold (or not) during break times.
- Nothing else. I don't need DBM to babysit my 10+ years of experience like I'm too retarded to look up tactics and videos myself.

Realms and factions:
I don't mind moving realms, even if it's every month.

    - English
    - PvE
    - Europe
    - Horde

Staying open:
    - Any language realm, as long as the people I will be playing with can communicate in english
    - RP, PvP, RPPvP
    - Europe only. Would gladly consider US servers if such character transfer were possible. Actually, I probably would've done it a while ago already.
    - Horde only. No offense to Alliance people. I'm not at war and I won't attack you. I just love the Horde too much.

- Between 19:00 and 01:00 realm time.
- I can usually stay up until 03:00, but my performance may vary the longer I stay up.

Realm time:
18:00 XXX Too early
19:00 ~~~ Could be late some days. 19:30 is fine
20:00 Most available
21:00 Most available
22:00 Most available
23:00 Most available
00:00 Most available
01:00 ~~~ Performance may vary
02:00 ~~~ Performance may vary
03:00 XXX Too late

Week schedule:
- Mostly week days. During week-ends I'm either busy or prefer sleeping.
- I'd like to stick with 2 or 3 raiding days a week on average.
- More can be needed when progressing, but is getting way too heavy for someone only available on week days like me.
- And less is not enough when progressing, but can be good when we're done with major content and members need to cool off.

Monday Most available
Tuesday Most available
Wednesday Most available
Thursday Most available
Friday Most available
Saturday ~~~ Sometimes available
Sunday XXX Rarely available

My goal for Battle for Azeroth:
- Cutting edge. Simple as that. Or at least, mythic progression.
- I'm fine with taking the time we need to progress in a guild and master some fights. But eventually, I want to kill everything there is to kill in Mythic difficulty. I don't want to keep missing out on things.
- I'm not aiming for rankings or realm competition. Just for progression and experience.
- I prefer not to go hardcore raider. But if this is the price to pay in order to achieve these, then so be it, I'll go hardcore.

The kind of guild I am looking for:
- I am very well open to guild creation projects, or guilds not ready to raid yet, or still trying to expand their roster.
- I believe a guild without drama and conflict does not exist. But without people, there is no raid. So people are more important than the raid.
- I will prioritize chill and fun people who can understand each other and won't throw a fuss over minor things, or real life issues.
- I won't bother people with my life, but it is so much more enjoyable to play with people who are in the game in order to relax and have a good time instead of working.
- I don't want to make raiding my second job, unless there is actually some money to be made.

In real life:
- 29 years old
- Fast app cook (like fast food cook, but we make apps instead of burgers)
- Open-minded
- Okay with dark humor. Love it actually.
- The most negative and pessimistic person you'll ever meet. I'm good at making you feel bad. That's just how I grew up to be and I can't change it. I tried, believe me.
- No kids to interrupt me while I'm raiding
- No partner to interrupt me while I'm raiding
- No parent to interrupt me while I'm raiding
- No friend to interrupt me while I'm raiding
- No life to interrupt me while I'm raiding
- Only power outages can interrupt me while I'm raiding. And other unlikely things such as fires or burglars.
- I don't even answer the door or the phone when I'm not expecting anyone or anything. And if I'm expecting someone or something, I'll let you know.
- If I leave in the middle of something, then that's really important, and I'll try to let you know. If I don't let you know, then either me, my internet, or my computer died.
- If something happens to my internet, like if I start lagging, I'll try to let you know as well if I could happen to disconnect.
- Sometimes I feel like I'm done with all the content I wanted to do in the game for a given patch/expansion, and I lower my play time. When that happens, I still log on for raid times and some occasional keystones. You won't see me much outside of these, but I'm not completely gone.

- I prefer Arms spec, although I try to give each spec equal attention every expansion. I love Warriors in general.
- Legion gave me alt anxiety, so I currently only play Warrior.
- If Battle for Azeroth is friendlier with alts, I will consider the following classes: Warlock, Rogue, Druid, Demon Hunter, Shaman. I'll need to level things for heritage armors anyway.
- Blacksmith for soulbound-on-pickup transmog armors and weapons.
- Inscription for talent tomes and codex, vantus runes, and steamy romance novels.

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