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Hi, I've had a break from wow since December and looking at coming back, my question is I have the chance to buy an gt70 msi dominator pro with 8 gb gtx880m and I7, with 16gb ddr4 ram, do I buy this or go for a Asus rog with lower specs but a later gpu at same price?
For an MMO you aren't looking just at the GPU, you're also looking at the CPU. You only said "I7" which is quite broad, and didn't say anything about the specs of the second computer. It's hard for people to give you a solid opinion with only that information.
Also is a laptop a must? You can get better performance for the same price if you get a desktop PC.
Msi dominator pro
Intel I7 4800 mq
Nvidia gtx880m 8gig gddr5
Asus rog has I7 6700 hq
Nvidia gtx 960m 2gb
11/07/2018 22:00Posted by Elvuldur
do I buy this or go for a Asus rog with lower specs but a later gpu at same price?

The ROG actually has the higher specs. Both the CPU (6700HQ vs 4800HQ) and the GPU (9xx series vs 8xx series) are more modern than the MSI and more RAM, it just happens to have a lower amount of Graphics RAM.

It's true that the second number is also important with nVIdia GPU's, a x6x vs an x8x, and this is reflected in the Graphics RAM included, but I am uncertain how much of a difference to WoW this will make.

Keep in mind that WoW is very CPU orientated still.

I also second what the greenie said. Do you really need the portability of a laptop? Desktops make far better gaming solutions than laptops.
I had a desktop but my partner hated me on it lol, at least with a laptop I can sit next to her, I am tempted by the msi as it's a much better machine even though stats are slightly worse than the rog, I really don't know what to do for the best, the rog is also 50 quid cheaper, brand new the msi cost 1600 the rog around 1k
Also the msi is upgradable, cpu and gpu
So is the ROG (specific model dependent, not all ROG's are).

But it sounds as if you have already made your decision.
I'm not to sure now as seems the msi is getting on a bit now, looks like I'm still looking lol, it was a rog strix
All modern ROG's are ROG Strix, what matters is the number part. For example my ROG is a ROG Strix 503VY, the "503VY" is the important part as it identifies the exact model.

Strix just means its got fancy lighting. Also the 503VY can only accept a RAM, M.2 and SSD upgrade, you can't upgrade the gpu or cpu. It's an older ROG.
Don't GPU/CPU upgrades for laptops cost a ton? Not to mention compability issues like lack of power and mb support. Do people really do that?
kind of weird topic you made, rog is not manufacturer, its a model

correct topic woulda been MSI or Asus... these are equally quality manufacturers, so go with better price, MSI might be bit better for overclockkers, but i usually keep things at stockspeed, just take great components, no need to oc, but if you have low end budget you might wana think about oc and that leans towards MSI

wow dont require much from gcard, focus on getting great cpu and memory

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